A random unsponsored rave review of Glasses.com

Bam! I love my new glasses, they are super cute. I had found a pair I loved at my optic place, but they ended up being $900+ for both the lenses and the frames. Sure, they were Chanel, but the lenses alone were $500 because my prescription is -5.0… although that is a weak excuse.

Considering I am unemployed, I decided to try glasses.com instead because they had this whole “risk free” offer where I could try them out for two weeks and then decide if I wanted to keep them, all before being charged. This is pretty genius on their part because I don’t think I would have tried them otherwise. You never know what you are going to get and I was worried I’d make the wrong choice on lens thickness and what not.

After checking out they texted me and I was able to text back with a picture of my prescription. They also needed my PD measurement, which is the distance between your pupils. I had no idea so when Joe got home he grabbed the tape measure and checked it out for me. I’m a 58, in case you are curious. I was able to do all this via text which was super convenient.

They estimated 5-7 days for me to receive the glasses and this was only 4 days before I was leaving for Ghana. To my great surprise they arrived beforehand! I was able to test them out for the trip but I pretty much knew as soon as I put them on that I loved them.

Blurry pic... sorry
Blurry pic… sorry

On glasses.com the lenses were $129 and the Burberry frames were around $250. It was a very easy process and I couldn’t be happier with the result!


Unemployment rocks

This whole being “unemployed” thing is fantastic. Yesterday was technically my first day off. My last day was Friday, but the weekend still felt like any other weekend. Monday morning though, when Joe woke up and went to work and I got to sleep in… that’s when the feeling kicked in.

I tried to start the morning off with coffee, reading a book in my sun chair. However, I ran out of the nummy-good-mocha coffee I’d been using in my Keurig and once I realized it had milk in it, I cut myself off. But it turns out milk is really good and I can’t do without and I’ll have to find some alternative. For the day it was Caribou for me.

I didn’t get a high top. Which is disappointing but I made do. I got myself a soy-mocha, sat down, and began to write. It was the first time I had legitimately revisited my book in quite a few months. I started from the beginning, revising and adding more as it felt right. I had a lot of notes from when Joe reviewed it, calling out elements that needing more context or further depth. I probably only added 250 words, but it was nice to sit down with my coffee, no internet, a beautiful sun, to just write.

After that, I headed over to do my first workout in training for the triathlon. It was painful. The swim started out really nicely, but after just 6 laps I was dead. I couldn’t get my stroke rhythm going and it dawned on me that I didn’t have my nose plugger. I made do with what I had, completed my 15 laps, and only swallowed one mouthful of water. Next time it will be better.

Next it was time for a shopping run. Joe and I haven’t been shopping for food in a while because who needs to when you can subsist on Buffalo Wild Wings. After my invigorating swim though I wanted something that would nourish the soul, not set it on fire. While at Target, I quickly remembered to pick up more contacts and went to the optical center only to be turned down. My prescription was too old. My sadness was met with “we can get you in right now!” when I didn’t even realize they did that stuff there. I should have, but I just never thought of it. I zipped in quickly for the eye exam, and put in my order for contacts while still using my employee discount – high five.

After having goulash, aka: funeral hot-dish for lunch, I went for a run. I should have given myself more time for my stomach to settle but I’m new here. After lasting nearly a solid mile, my body had enough and walked the rest of the three miles. Except I ended up going about 3.4 miles, and maybe ran a total of 1. It’s kind of fun to think about where I will be in a few weeks though, this is the probably the worst I’ll do.

After some stretching, I began session 1 of Python on code academy. I was surprised both by how easy it was and how quickly I got through it. Knowing Matlab, Mathematica, R, etc., really makes it easy to pick up something new. I’m excited to learn more.

No “perfect day” would be complete without donuts, so I made a stop by Glam Doll on the way to drop off my bike for a tune up. The “Scream Queen” (chocolate cake donut with chocolate frosting and candied bacon) was all I needed to spike my energy for my last yMac meeting for life. (That may be a little extreme, but who knows!). I got a nice goodbye, enjoyed seeing some friends, and got home just in time for some Harry Potter before falling asleep. Perfection is the only word that describes my Monday.

Any then this happened #loveMKA met-gala-2014-mary-kate-olsen-ashley-olsen-red-carpet__oPt


It happens in every relationship. Things are going so smoothly and you think nothing will get in the way. And then something happens and it is just so crushing… you start to second guess everything, wonder if this is it, the straw the breaks the camel’s back and everything is over.

Joe and I had one of these events today. We were shopping at Ikea for shelves for pictures. I found a cute idea on pinterest of just having a few of shelves so you aren’t putting tons of holes in the walls. We found just what we were looking for which was lucky.

End Result
End Result

We also found some things we weren’t looking for though… like, a painting. It was pretty cheap, $129 for a fairly large canvas picture. We started seriously talking about it, and he was a tad weary about buying art at this point in our lives. I then remembered the other super awesome idea I had about getting a picture of me on a couch printed, to put above the couch. Get it? It’s ironic.

I said we could skip the canvas art because that’s where I wanted my portrait to go. He looked at me like I just said the craziest thing he ever heard. I was pretty serious in my statement, so obviously I was taken aback by his hesitation. Long and short of it is, Joe thinks that is incredibly vain to have a larger than life picture of yourself hanging in your living room. He thinks people will think poorly of me. He then brought up Alex Rodriguez, who apparently has paintings of himself. I’m definitely not suggesting anyone actually paint it, let alone put half my body on a horse.

Anyway, we decided that I’m not there yet, and got the one from Ikea.

End Result
End Result

It’s a little expensive to get a mega picture of yourself on a canvas and what if I make the wrong decision on which picture? Joe is also putting his foot down on it being in a main room, which is where he and I just don’t see eye to eye. I agreed to get others’ opinions on it… so, what do you guys think? Would this be awesome or vain above the couch? I think it fits my personality of confidence

Courtesy of Greatbigcanvas.com
Courtesy of Greatbigcanvas.com

Thoughts in daylight

In an effort to curb my depression, Joe and I have a rule that there is to be no TV watching unless it is dark out. The one exception is if we are at a rooftop bar and baseball is on.

So, when I got home today, I was like “ahh.. I just want to sit down and watch some terrible Gossip Girl. Oh crap. It’s still light out.” Then I began rationalizing that maybe it is just a rule we enact once we are in our new condo. Which is my way of telling the world our offer was accepted and we are buying a condo!

Anyway, it is already 6:30 and it is still light out which seriously makes me a happy camper. I doubled my medication in November when things were starting to get bad… just waking up in the morning was a trial. And it really helped. Except now I’ve gone back to normal because it is getting light out and I’m just so excited for summer.

Anyway, I’m going a little crazy about condo planning stuff, and, if you are like me and totes love pinterest, I invite you to check out my “dream home” board because its got all my most favorite things. Include sinks that don’t aerate  because in reality, who wants that? http://pinterest.com/katekate20/dream-house/

Happy… even through the cold

Things have been really good for me lately, too good. So good that I think it’s probably one of the “high” phases in the great cycle of depression. Which to be fair, isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It makes me not take it for granted one bit.

Joe and I were sitting on the couch the other Saturday night – I was nursing a cough and didn’t feel like going out after such a busy day. [Mark and my brothers came over to celebrate Christmas. I love all of them, but just having children around/in my apartment is a little stressful.] So, after having a nice dinner, complete with a slow-dance desert, we settled down to a lovely movie. Cuddled into his crook [the space between his arm and body] I felt so at peace. Happy with my job and happy with my relationship; happy to be sitting on my pink velvet couch wrapped up in the most comfy blanket in the world; proud of the progress I’ve made on my book and excited to make the next steps in applying for a writers grant; relaxed after a wonderful day with my family and just being.

Joe made it through draft 1 of my book. It made for a couple of silly moments – me waking up in the morning to him reading stories such as my birth or my first period. But overall, there is no one else that I would rather have the first read. It is no where near done. I left holes and mentioned random characters without any introductions. But, it has a beginning and an end and some stuff in the middle, so I consider it a draft. His “assignment” was to read through and tell me where he wanted more. I don’t always know how much detail to go into, either when explaining people or situations, so having an outsiders perspective is priceless. Just having someone read the draft though, makes me realize it is a real book. His ending comment, “As you’re aware, stories need fleshing out and more flow, and you need more of them – especially more stories from your Sam-and-older years. What you have is compelling and interesting, though. I think there’s definitely something here,” was all I needed to keep going. After a short break after NaNoWriMo, I’m back on the horse.

In other news, a friend and I went looking at wedding dresses the other day. Not because either of us are getting married, but because dresses are pretty and girls are allowed to day dream and stuff like that, and it is wedding dress season for some reason. But then some staff ladies (yes, multiple!) came in and were like “Can we help you?” and “what are you looking for?” and “oh you should try stuff on” and then I had a panic attack and needed to leave. Good thing I don’t need to wedding dress shop for realzies.

A week of technology

The Holiday Tech Bash hosted by W3i last Thursday at Aria was awesome. It was just as awesome as the MinneDemo event hosted at the same space on Tuesday. Except, Friday morning I woke up with a tad more of hangover, probably due to the bar Joe dragged me out to afterwards.

At the event though, Girls in Tech raised some money! I think it was my fabulous speaking skills that earned us the dough. Or not, because people were busy playing cards. But I did manage to turn 50 fake dollars into a lot more, so, I can take a sliver of credit myself. It was just a really cool event though where I met a lot of great people – and saw some friendly faces too! Including someone from Macalester! I really feel like I’m beginning to become connected to the Tech community here in the Twin Cities, and I’m even more excited when I think of all the great things Girls in Tech can accomplish. I’m really proud to be heading things up.

Monday night was a Girls in Tech Happy Hour. It was held at aLoft hotel and was a pretty good time. Frist, I just love that space. Second, it was like a symbolic passing of the baton type of thing… both Jacque and I got up on “stage” and spoke for a few minutes. It was nuts because there was not an ounce of nervousness in me. It’s amazing to feel so great and confident about something – I know I’m doing the right thing.

Last week just just so much awesomeness wrapped into a bubble, and then this week, I’ve got notta-damn-thing planned. I hate how that seems to happen. It should be okay though, Joe is finally done with class!

Anyway, even though I didn’t get any book editing done today, it was still a good day. I did some nonprofit stuff and had a nice time with Joe. Then I took my new prescription which gives me a tummy ache and knocks me out – not sure why I haven’t learned to just take it at night yet. We went to the Holidazzle and I felt like a rock star remembering the order of the floats (or at least recognizing each one) from the time I worked on the planning team (Winter of 2010).

I just found out Milkweed Editions has decided to close/cancel their Jan – March submissions calling and I’m über disappointed. That’s when I was going to submit my book and then get published and be super awesome. It would have been nice to work with them because they too are a local nonprofit and really strike my fancy. However, I was hoping to get a decision regarding my publishability by October just in case they actually did want it. Then I could put “author” on my resume for Stanford and be even cooler. Now I’ll just continue finalizing the manuscript and consider branching out to other publishers, or, wait to see what Milkweed says.

Also, totally managed to connect with someone from the Grace Hopper conference committee today. Girls in Tech is going to partner in some way when they come to Minneapolis for their 2013 Celebration of Women in Computing. 2013 is going to be a good year.

I make lists. Here is one of things I am stressed out about.

Things I am stressed out about

  1. Money
    • Lack of it. Especially around Christmas time. Plus, I went shopping this weekend and maybe shouldn’t have. But it was fun and good retail therapy while the high lasted. Now I just have the guilt. I’ll return the shoes most likely. The sweater is really cute.
  2. Work
    • Not busy enough. Things were better last week and are hopefully good this week, but still. Sometimes I’ll read a tweet about a company I’m interested in out in San Francisco and I’m mad that I’m stuck here in MN. But, not really mad because I know I will get to leave as soon as Joe is done with school and I’m being a supportive girlfriend.
  3. The party
    • Cleaning. This house isn’t like, bad, but just the typical stuff like vacuuming and what not before people come over. And I kind of want to do laundry, but I bet people that are coming over for our birthday party won’t care if there are dirty clothes in the hamper.
    • Shopping for supplies. Both food and drinks. And figuring out the deets on how I want to decorate. I have most of the stuff figured out and I know what I’m going to get and what not, but this week is a busy week for Joe (I just found out he has a paper due Saturday night… how stupid is that?) so I’m left to do most of the stuff on my own. Like shopping.
  4. Writing
    • I’m super far behind on NaNoWriMo
    • I have stuff to do for my memoir class too, which isn’t until later this week but I’m still allowing myself to be stressed about it
  5. My weight
    • I’ve been feeling like a fatty lately
    • My weight isn’t up, but I just am not as muscular as I once was. I should be working out more, but a gym membership costs money and I’m probably too lazy to do it anyway
  6. Losing stuff
    • I can’t find my skewers. It isn’t a huge deal and I can just go buy some more at Target, but where the heck did they go? I’ve checked seriously everywhere.
    • I also can’t find my glow sticks. I’m less concerned about this one because I wasn’t sure if I had kept them anyway, but now instead of inserting awesome glow sticks into self-blown balloons, I’ll probably just get a couple dozen helium balloons. Except, those cost money.
    • While I was down in my storage unit looking for skewers and sticks and bringing back down Halloween decorations, I found a box that something had spilled all over inside of. The box was filled with cards and memorable newspapers, and pictures too. Not to mention my Mary-Kate and Ashley video games and dolls. Those have more or less survived though, thank god.
  7. Watching too much TV
    • I got rid of my TV for a reason, and things were fine then. No, that is a lie, things weren’t necessarily better but at least I didn’t have a TV. Now I watch TV and I’m having a hard time figuring how much is normal and how much is the line of me turning into a sack of potatoes.

Making lists makes me feel better. I will stop crying now.

My super awesome weekend

So over a month ago, Joe and I made reservations to go camping this past weekend. Our plan was to bike there and practice biking/camping for when we do the MS150 in a few weeks. Well, thanks to the lovely Minnesota weather (and Joe’s weak knees), we decided to drive. We just barely got our tent up Friday night when the rain started, and spent the rest of the evening watching HIMYM on his cell phone in the tent.

Saturday morning, the weather was still crap and a half. So, we decided to cheat a little and went back to his place until it stopped raining. We watched some more HIMYM and I took a nap from the crappy night of sleep I got the night before. After looking at the weather forecast, we decided to give up on staying there again Saturday night, which ended up being the best idea we’ve ever had because at around 2am that night the sirens were going off. Phew!

We turned Saturday into a totally awesome day though. After some fun shopping at Crate and Barrel (we are getting excited for our big move this weekend!!) we went to see the Avengers. Awesome fricken movie. The not awesome part? That half the audience was kids under 7. Four seats down from Joe was a little boy who hummed through the whole thing. Directly behind us?- a kid that wouldn’t stop playing with his damn transformers car that his parents let him bring for some unknown reason. Since when did it become okay to bring your kid with toys to a movie to forgo the babysitter costs?

On Sunday I volunteer the two of us (aka, voluntold Joe), for the Living Green Expo. We manned a booth for Second Harvest Heartland (a great organization that collects food from grocers and other sources where it would normally go unused and then distributes it to food shelves across Minnesota). I had a good time because I was wearing my Macalester sweatshirt and people stopped to talk to me about that. I also snuck away for a few minutes to get a massage from the free massage booth across from us. Joe thought this was wrong, I thought it was using my volunteer time wisely.

Downtown Friday

So I went shopping yesterday at Banana Republic, found tons of things I LOVED, and then left without buying anything. What the hell am I turning into? An adult?!

After that, I went to a movie. I had gotten off work early and was waiting for Joe and I to meet up for our anniversary dinner. I brought a beer with me, because last time Joe and I were at a movie, Arthur Christmas, Joe said that only thing that would make the Justin Bieber intro video bearable would be a beer. I think that planted the seed in my head that movies need beer. 

Anyway, I went to see Sherlock Holmes. I saw the first one, thought it was good, and thought it would be action packed enough to entertain me. However, I had completely no idea what was going on for a majority of it. Maybe the beer aided the confusion; or, maybe, it was just a terrible movie. 

Ultimately, I’m not sure how I would grade the beer in movie decision. It tasted good, but was also a tad obvious due to the fact that I had to tip it upwards when any drink purchased at a theater is consumed through a straw. I was as nervous as a clown, which… maybe was a good source of excitement. 

I think I need more spontaneity in my life. Maybe tonight at dinner I’ll order the dessert before dinner. But then I’ll just ruin my appetite for dinner… hmm…

My cliché of happiness

So right now I am readying Stumbling on Happiness by Daniel Gilbert. The first chapter explains humans’ desire for control, and that because of the joy that control brings, we often imagine control where it does not exist. I’ve often contemplated how it often seems like I have an unnatural ability to control my own destiny. For quiet some time, I have believed that I possess a unique ability to alter the future, but apparently most people do. Cliche 629.

The chapter also reminded me of furniture shopping with Drew while I was in CO in July. I knew I wasn’t going to buy anything and that I just liked to look, but I also was able to acknowledge that most of my pleasure came from thinking about buying furniture rather than actually doing it. I enjoyed being able to think about my future and to me, the furniture signified freedom and independence.

Same with ring shopping. I realized the other day that I really like ring shopping. So what if I want to spend my afternoon dreaming of one day wearing one on my left hand… it doesn’t mean that that’s what I would want right now!

So wait… I’m not the only one to receive pleasure from day dreaming?  Mrrahhh