Writing a book is not easy

It is my birthday and I am alone at Rock Bottom. I am kind of being an emo cat and I cannot figure out why. Maybe just because I was in a really long two hour meeting at the end of the day that didn’t go exactly as I had hoped. Maybe because it is my Birthday but I’m alone at the bar.

I don’t mean to be a whiney little bitch. I go to the bar alone quite often and usually really like it. And this time I even have Family Guy playing in the background which is really just enhancing the experience.

Joe woke me up at 5:30am to give me my birthday present because he had to be to work early. He got me a case of the Android Series 3 action figures!!! How awesome is that? They were exactly what I wanted and he even acted like he didn’t get them for me and secretly smirked when I gave him a little bit of crap for not getting it for me because it is what I really want. But then it was what he got for me because he is sneaky! Major improvement from last year… (luff yooouu!).

I came here to write. Which is technically what I am doing but I’m not actually making progress on my book, what I should be working on. It is like, day 97 of NaNoWriMo (also known as day 20), and I’m at less than 20k words. That averages at less than 1000 a day when my goal is supposed to be 1,667. If you have a failure stamp, I have a forehead that could use it.

A glass of bubbly

This morning I woke up around 7am and attempted to get Joe and I some donuts. I eventually succeeded, but it wasn’t until just before 9am that we finally sat down to indulge ourselves. The other week, when we went to Angel Food, I grabbed a magnet with their contact info on it. It didn’t have their hours though, so sneaking into the kitchen didn’t give me any more info on the hours. I got there about 10 minutes before 7:30, and they were busy, baking away, so I figured they probably opened at 7:30. I went for a walk around the block and strangely found myself following a couple home on their walk of shame. The girl was carrying her heels and wearing the guys suit jacket because it was cold. They weren’t talking, and my guess on the situation is that part of the deal of her going with him back to his hotel room was that he would walk her home in the morning (maybe back to her own hotel? I lost track of them around 8th and Nicollet). I’ve definitely been in the situation before… you really just want them to let you do that walk alone, but maybe she and I are different in that respect.

Back to the donuts – when Hell’s Kitchen opened at 7:30, I asked the lady when Angel Food opened. “9 or 9:30 – they open late on Sunday because of church and stuff,” she answered. Really people, really? I have a hard time believing that is really why they weren’t open, but I then had to do the walk of shame myself, the shame of having no donuts.

I looked online when I got back (I hadn’t even brought my cell phone, it was just going to be a quick jaunt!). Angel Food opened at 9am but YoYo Donuts, the best donut place ever, opened at 7am. I kissed Joe goodbye, told him I was taking his car, and made my way to Minnetonka. Soon I’m on my way home with a half dozen donuts and a relatively bright outlook on life.

It’s hard to describe how I felt actually. Yesterday Joe and I went to visit a few homes on the Parade of Homes and I fell in love with some of the features of the million dollar homes. A light fixture here, a countertop there, and one of those faucets above the stove so you don’t have to lift the heavy pot of water back to the stove complete the vision I have of my future home. I know that two years from now I will be in business school, and I know what I will be successful in whatever I ultimately do. I envisioned being back in Minneapolis, living on Lake of the Isles, and maybe even having my kids go to that school by the Walker.

I love waking up early. It always leaves me with a feeling of hope for the future. I think that if I had a puppy I’d be a lot happier. Not that I’m not happy, but sometimes I find myself too idle. And everyone knows that idle hands are the devil’s plaything. Joe referenced an article he recently read about a child getting a dog for mental health issues. Something about the kid being able to rely on the puppy but then also being responsible for him enabled the kid to settle down or something. Not only would it be good for me to have a cuddle buddy for nights watching TV, but it would ensure I have a reason to get out of the house a few times every day.

So, those are the things I thought about on my way home. Once I got home ready to eat donuts, I found a way to turn this somehow into a relationship talk with Joe. I may have sprung it on him, but it came up by the fact that our apartment doesn’t allow puppies. Because I really want a puppy, this means we need to move. A good place to move to would be the new 222 Hennepin building, however, rent is a little bit pricier there. If they look at things post-tax, Joe and I together don’t meet the 3x monthly rent = income stipulation. He made a joke about him not pulling his weight, to which I replied “well… when are you thinking about starting to look for a new job?” Not the most tactful way to open up this conversation, but the situation is more a case of him not being fully utilized and challenged for the immense amount of smartness he has. Especially as he wraps up his graduate degree, I want to see him in a position that makes him happy and properly compensates him for his contributions.

The “talk” actually went pretty well. My viewpoint was mainly that I didn’t want to see him without ample life goals – he didn’t want to commit to changing jobs while he was still in his program but would rather do so upon completion. Tomato tomato at end, but it was still good for us to talk through all that.

Later, Joe and I were watching a little episode of Burn Notice when a few scenes centered around champagne. I was like “holy crap, I really want champagne now” but of course it is a Sunday and here in the lovely state of M-N, liquor stores are not open on Sundays. So, I went down to Rock Bottom to sip on my glass of bubbly. It was everything I hoped it would be. Until a creeper came and sat by me and wouldn’t stop harassing me and I eventually just paid my tab and left because I couldn’t stand sitting there anymore.

Ms. President?

I wonder if I’ll ever be the President of the United States, or if I’ll stick to running companies instead. And by “stick to” I mean stay with it once I actually get there. In high school, I was voted most likely to be the President, however, they were specific to  what I would be President of.

Joe let me sleep in late this morning. Then, as we were laying there he found a bug. So I jumped the hell out of bed, googled “bed bugs,” looked at the bug and determined we needed to check the whole bed. So, we ripped off all the sheets and thoroughly inspected the bed. We didn’t find another bug, so, it probably was just one of those little guys from my plants that got into the bedroom. I know my mom is going to read this now and freak out though, but I really am sure we are good.

Then I was kind of in my “mmrraah” mood and Joe said “No, put a stop to that right now! You will not have the Sunday blues.” Thinking he may be right, I made him breakfast and then started to clean. I vacuumed and have the mattress pad in the laundry and even cleaned the mirror from when my little brothers were over and spent a half hour licking it.

Next I started googling some fun new recipes because I feel like a fat cat/bloated and I am really in the mood for vegetables. I have been eating too many carbs lately mostly. I got salmon and salad stuff and peppers and cucumbers – it is going to be a good week in food land. Once I got back from Lund’s (I heart the new one downtown!!) I made us some yummy chicken lettuce cucumber wraps. Ohh! And, on the walk to Lund’s a guy gave me a postcard that said Crave is now giving out a free drink to anyone with a Twin’s ticket the night after the game. “Damn!” I said, “I have season tickets and I live in this building.” Can you imagine a night where the back of my ticket has the free drink at Rock Bottom and then I get to go up and have a free drink at Crave too? It only amounts to two drinks which makes me obviously not a lush, but the cool fact is that they are free and would normally cost me like, $14 + tip for the two.

After our lunch I went to Target because I needed to get fabric softener. I also had my 5% off coupon for all day, so I got some other needed items. Like a martini shaker that Joe thinks looks like a dildo. And a pack of the new LuckyCharms cereal bars for Halloween. And Candy Corn flavored M&Ms because after my post the other day I found out there are Candy Corn M&Ms too.

I got a little too excited at all the Halloween stuff and became disappointed I won’t be having a raging Halloween party this year. With our birthday celebration only being 2 weeks later, it makes sense to delay a party, and who wants to have a Halloween themed birthday party in the middle of November? Not me.