Slow and steady week

I’m half way through week one and I’m still not entirely sure what I’ll be working on. Monday was a long day of orientation. Because I’ve only gone through orientation once before (directly after undergrad at Target), it is hard to determine whether this is how all orientations are, or just orientations that are catering towards first time full-time employees. Specifically, I don’t feel I needed to be told how to conduct myself in a meeting, but I’m also in the 1% of folks who have worked in the corporate atmosphere before. Everyone else is my program is an undergraduate intern and coming from a very different perspective. So I just went along with the program and tried to learn a few things. I paid special attention to what I’m able to disclose and what I’m not – that’s going to be difficult. I also learned what to do in the event of an earthquake… something I never had to think about in Minnesota!

A wrench was thrown into my week though, my supervisor is out of the country. He was pulled away last minute and therefore I only have a brief email of direction to go off of. The week has been a little boring because of that. I have taken advantage of all that the campus has to offer though. Monday I went to the free screening of Avengers Age of Ultron in 3D. It really pissed off the feminist in me. Seriously, the one female superhero had to fall in love and needed to be rescued? What the crap is that? Black Widow doesn’t need a man saving her, she is bad ass all on her own and wouldn’t even get kidnapped in the first place. Seriously. — End rant —

Yesterday I went to yoga, which is offered every Tuesday and Thursday. It was outside alongside the koi pond. It was even more beautiful than it sounds. The weather was perfect, which makes me concerned for a month or two from now when the weather will make me want to die. I probably will quit yoga at that point. Temporarily of course.

After work this evening there was a screening of Jaws. It was a part of the “movies you have not seen but should” series. This is perfect because I actually hadn’t seen it. And honestly, I couldn’t even really tell it was a movie from the 70’s. It really holds up really well. I enjoyed it and maybe will watch it again some day with my kids when I want to scare the crap out of them. I’m going to be such a good mom.

A Recap and a Proposition

A couple weekends ago (I know, this is a terribly late recap) I went to the Minnesota Bloggers Conference. I only found out about it last minute and managed to weasel my way in. It was a really great experience. First, it forced me to break out of my relationship-shell and randomly approach people again. I haven’t been in situations to do that lately, and I think I’ve become a little too dependent on Joe for the constant companionship. And: I met some really great people; people that probably work with Joe, people that I may have connections with through rugby (I played at Macalester), and people who I’ve been following on twitter since I started (which isn’t saying much because its only been about a month).

Second, the conference sparked my new love affair with twitter. Before that, I would read it to catch up on news, follow technology trends, and get into the minds of start up entrepreneurs. So how did the conference get me going on twitter? Well, everyone else was doing it. The official hashtag was #MNBlogCon and tweeting during presentations was encouraged. My ADHD ate that shit up – a method to stay engaged while still staying busy? Awesome. It was also a way to connect to the many awesome people I met there.

Third, I ran into Twins Geek (John), probably because he knew I was going to be there. No, he’s actually a completely legit sports blogger that I have been non-intentionally stalking over the last year. Ever since the infamous eve of Joe’s birthday present, we have run into Aaron Gleeman and/or John and his wife a good handful of times: happy hours, fundraising events, etc. Because we ran into each other, I got a good call-out on their podcast from the next day: listen to the 57 minute mark.

Fourth, I found a new obsession: podcasting. The last session at the conference was all about the ins and outs of podcasting: how to start, what to talk about, schedule, etc. I sat next to John for this part, so I got an even better perspective from his insights. I left there thinking “oh my god, Joe and I have to start a podcast.” I brought the idea up to him as soon as I got home. I thought we could discuss movies, and I even proposed the name #officialcouple talk: movies. This way, if we ever wanted to talk about something else, we could just change the end. Let’s just say, Joe was a little less than excited, possibly on the line of apprehensive. He didn’t know if we would have enough to talk about, he thought he might be weird on the air (having it feel staged), and frankly doesn’t have enough time. To give him a spark of encouragement though, I reached out to Aaron when he did his weekly call out for mailbag questions. My question to Gleeman. Gleeman and the Geek answering said question: 1 hour 24 minute mark.

Turns out, I’m not the only person that is considering doing a movie podcast (which conveniently is the theme of this blog). Aaron Gleeman also has an interest in a movie/tv show podcast. Do you see where I am going with this? Yes, Aaron, this is a more public proposition than Joe’s birthday surprise. But just think about it. How awesome would it be? Joe will tell you that I have a unique taste in movies – that I’m impossible to figure out. He also suggested that you and I wouldn’t do well with a podcast because all your fans would hate me and my harsh stances on characters, themes, etc. I don’t like gushy crap (I refuse to watch The Notebook), I prefer action to plot (but need plot with my action), I don’t like stupid funny – it just pisses me off and makes me feel sad about our society, and I prefer to know (or rather, demand to know) if a main character is going to die before I watch a movie.

Why the hell would you want to do a podcast with me then? Because I would bring spice to the relationship Aaron, spice. I’m not a silly sports nut, like some of the people you may know. I cater to a slightly different demographic, and at least you wouldn’t be the hated one with ridiculous movie preferences. I’d be the diabolical antagonist and you would be loved by all. Eh? Eh? No need to answer now… but think on it ;)