Application time!

I’m in Berkeley. I’m here visiting the business school. Mainly because Chris Kluwe lives nearby and I miss having him close, but also because it’s a pretty good program. Or so I’ve heard. I’ve never experienced it. I’m not a good reference.

I submitted my MIT application on Monday. It was the earliest deadline and a good starter. The application was average in terms of essays/prompts, amount of information, etc. I haven’t visited yet, but really like a lot about what the program has to offer. I also think the location would be great. One down… 7 to go?

Next Wednesday is the infamous Stanford deadline. I went and tried to psych myself out today by looking at application stats and stuff. Only 7k people apply for the less than 400 spots, so, it’s not like it’s impossible… My essays are in “okay” shape. Questions like “what is your favorite place” and “what is your favorite thing to read” give me not only the opportunity to let my personality shine but also make an ass out of myself in less than 300 characters. If I had to guess, I’d say 23% of applicants get an interview. If I’m not in that bunch, I’ll be a sad cat who failed. If I’m in that bunch but then don’t get in, that’s okay. At least I tried.

I’ve also been maybe over-doing it lately. Work has been pretty busy, Girls in Tech stuff is in full force, and I’ve been getting up every morning at 5am to work on my essays. Yesterday I just wanted to come home and sleep but I had already volunteered to help out Tix for Tots at the Lynx Game, they kicked ass, by the way. And now today I whisked off to Berkeley, delayed flight and all.

I’m just going to be so relieved when it is all done and I can impatiently wait for months on end.

Worst day ever.

So I just left the Lynx game crying. This is because they wouldn’t let me in. I’m still super upset about it, but the gist it, apparently laptops are not allowed in the Target Center. This is upsetting to me because I had my laptop. They were all like “oh, laptops are not allowed” and I said “well, can I at least come in to grab my bobble head? Then I will leave” and they would not allow it. They said that in order for to come in I would need to check my bag. I really wanted a fricken bobble head so I went over to check my bag, which luckily was free, but then I went in to grab my bobble head. But, I’m not about to leave my Dooney and Bourke purse with my Macbook Air in the free bagage check at the Target Center, so I turned right around and left. wft, I am pissed. Because I love #loslynx and seeing them kick ass.

In all honestly, very little of this is probably about the bobble head (which I keep mistakenly typing as booble). Today was just a crap day. Last night, I couldn’t fall asleep for the fricken life of me. I was up way past Joe falling asleep, which is crazy because he knows that I like him to stay up after I go to sleep so he always tries to. But, at one point in the night, I turned over and saw him eyes-closed, nose up, snoring. It’s okay though, because he has bad allergies and usually never snores.

Anyway, I didn’t go to sleep until after 11:30 and I woke up at 4. 4am, I shit you not. I twittered, I facebooked (a Burger King was robbed last night!) and then I thought about showering. I knew that would be good at waking me up and getting my day started, but I didn’t want Joe to feel left out. So, I somehow fell asleep and woke up to Joe reading Twitter at 5:40; by that point, the alarm had gone off twice.

“Mmmrrrah” was the first thing out of my mouth. Then we took a shower and I went to work. Things are kind of in a “lull” right now, and I’m not feeling as challenged as I would typically choose to be. I did watch an episode of Heros over lunch, I’m not going to lie. As a side note… This last thursday I stayed home sick, half because I had bad allergies, half because I forgot my retainer the night before and had a hella bad headache that wasn’t even fair. Therefore, during the day I decided to start a new series. After starting Peacemaker and realizing it was a total failure, I called upon my online friends. And by “my online friends,” I mean Joe’s online friends. Either way, I ended up addicted to Heros.

Now I’m at Rock Bottom eating the best chocolate stout cupcake with cream cheese frosting ever. My bartender gave me a free shot, mostly because she feels bad for me. I gave her the pity story of how I got kicked out of the Lynx game. Although, I realize I still haven’t gotten to the bad part of my day though.

I got an email. From like, HR mostly. Hr as in, Human Resources. This is because they were all like “oh, no, we aren’t going to fund your summer program” because, according to them, I didn’t submit the form beforehand. However, when I went in to look at the form, it appeared totally familiar to me and I know I filled it our before. I even remember emailing the program beforehand to get the info on each class. However, they are saying that I am now out $6300 because I did not submit some form beforehand, for which I call bullshirt. Hah! What the hell is bullshirt? A new awesome word mostly.

Either way, I’m upset and confused. I emailed my manager but I still feel at a place of resolve. I’ll have to Google resolve now though, to ensure that is the word I really mean to say.