A random unsponsored rave review of Glasses.com

Bam! I love my new glasses, they are super cute. I had found a pair I loved at my optic place, but they ended up being $900+ for both the lenses and the frames. Sure, they were Chanel, but the lenses alone were $500 because my prescription is -5.0… although that is a weak excuse.

Considering I am unemployed, I decided to try glasses.com instead because they had this whole “risk free” offer where I could try them out for two weeks and then decide if I wanted to keep them, all before being charged. This is pretty genius on their part because I don’t think I would have tried them otherwise. You never know what you are going to get and I was worried I’d make the wrong choice on lens thickness and what not.

After checking out they texted me and I was able to text back with a picture of my prescription. They also needed my PD measurement, which is the distance between your pupils. I had no idea so when Joe got home he grabbed the tape measure and checked it out for me. I’m a 58, in case you are curious. I was able to do all this via text which was super convenient.

They estimated 5-7 days for me to receive the glasses and this was only 4 days before I was leaving for Ghana. To my great surprise they arrived beforehand! I was able to test them out for the trip but I pretty much knew as soon as I put them on that I loved them.

Blurry pic... sorry
Blurry pic… sorry

On glasses.com the lenses were $129 and the Burberry frames were around $250. It was a very easy process and I couldn’t be happier with the result!


I make lists. Here is one of things I am stressed out about.

Things I am stressed out about

  1. Money
    • Lack of it. Especially around Christmas time. Plus, I went shopping this weekend and maybe shouldn’t have. But it was fun and good retail therapy while the high lasted. Now I just have the guilt. I’ll return the shoes most likely. The sweater is really cute.
  2. Work
    • Not busy enough. Things were better last week and are hopefully good this week, but still. Sometimes I’ll read a tweet about a company I’m interested in out in San Francisco and I’m mad that I’m stuck here in MN. But, not really mad because I know I will get to leave as soon as Joe is done with school and I’m being a supportive girlfriend.
  3. The party
    • Cleaning. This house isn’t like, bad, but just the typical stuff like vacuuming and what not before people come over. And I kind of want to do laundry, but I bet people that are coming over for our birthday party won’t care if there are dirty clothes in the hamper.
    • Shopping for supplies. Both food and drinks. And figuring out the deets on how I want to decorate. I have most of the stuff figured out and I know what I’m going to get and what not, but this week is a busy week for Joe (I just found out he has a paper due Saturday night… how stupid is that?) so I’m left to do most of the stuff on my own. Like shopping.
  4. Writing
    • I’m super far behind on NaNoWriMo
    • I have stuff to do for my memoir class too, which isn’t until later this week but I’m still allowing myself to be stressed about it
  5. My weight
    • I’ve been feeling like a fatty lately
    • My weight isn’t up, but I just am not as muscular as I once was. I should be working out more, but a gym membership costs money and I’m probably too lazy to do it anyway
  6. Losing stuff
    • I can’t find my skewers. It isn’t a huge deal and I can just go buy some more at Target, but where the heck did they go? I’ve checked seriously everywhere.
    • I also can’t find my glow sticks. I’m less concerned about this one because I wasn’t sure if I had kept them anyway, but now instead of inserting awesome glow sticks into self-blown balloons, I’ll probably just get a couple dozen helium balloons. Except, those cost money.
    • While I was down in my storage unit looking for skewers and sticks and bringing back down Halloween decorations, I found a box that something had spilled all over inside of. The box was filled with cards and memorable newspapers, and pictures too. Not to mention my Mary-Kate and Ashley video games and dolls. Those have more or less survived though, thank god.
  7. Watching too much TV
    • I got rid of my TV for a reason, and things were fine then. No, that is a lie, things weren’t necessarily better but at least I didn’t have a TV. Now I watch TV and I’m having a hard time figuring how much is normal and how much is the line of me turning into a sack of potatoes.

Making lists makes me feel better. I will stop crying now.

NaNoWriMo, Day 1

Day one of both NaNoWriMo and my memoir class and I’ve already made the tears flow; in public nonetheless. I’m chilling out at Open Book downtown, where my class took place (it’s through the Loft Literary Center). I felt it would be an inspirational place to continue the writing, so I find myself perched at a table. I have to write 1667 words tonight (of an actual book, meaning, this doesn’t even count!) to meet my day 1 requirement for NaNoWriMo (which stands for National Novel Writing Month and takes place every November. The goal is to write 50k words by the end). I’m not writing a novel, because I don’t believe in fiction. I’m using it as a structured force to write my memoir. The fact that today was the first day of my class was just a coincidence .. I like the ways things tend to fall together for me.

The tears came from what I was writing. In terms of the book, I’m at the point in my life where I had lice one summer. My mom sent me a care package because I was staying with family at the time and they agreed to keep me so my mom didn’t have to deal with the lice. Except, the care package made me miss her so bad that I made her drive out to see me that exact same day. I still feel guilty about the money she spent on shipping the package when I had her drive out anyway.

The class so far is fantastic though. Usually I get bored by people and don’t like to come back to things like that. However, there are reading assignments and writing that we have to do before the next class, both of which I’m excited about.

Further, the people in the class are perfect. None are intimidating to me, in a good way. I feel comfortable, like I bring my own strengths to the group, similar to how I felt at She’s Geeky. While some people have really awesome stories, experiences and educations, I also feel content in having my story be my own. I’m also intrigued by the stories of others and am looking forward to being inspired by them.

Tomorrow I am flying out to Pittsburgh to visit Tepper Business School.. I’ll let you know all about it ;) Also, I’m writing sober right now. High five for that.

To bite, or not to bite

I’ve been invited to participate in Carnegie Mellon University, Tepper School of Business’s diversity weekend for prospective students. It is a full weekend of meeting current students and alum, exploring campus and Pittsburg, and learning about general MBA stuff – being a female MBA candidate, financial aid, etc. I need to buy the round trip plane ticket though, which is why I am giving this so much consideration. I think it would be a really great opportunity to understand a top tier business program. Where I am struggling though is whether it is really a school I would consider. Nothing I know about it is ruling it out though, in fact, I like the small class sizes, the non-rural location, the global treks that are offered, and that they have a Technology Leadership concentration. I had a hard time finding the types of teaching methods they use, what clubs and orgs available, and if they have significant other programs (this wasn’t obvious on the website). Google is one of the companies that they feed into, but isn’t going to be as highly regarded as Stanford to them.

I feel like I’m making this a bigger deal that it needs to be – I’m not deciding on where to accept admission at this point, I am just looking into possible programs to apply to. The only thorn in my side is the flight. Which normally I’m not such a pussy about but last week I found out that work would not in fact be paying the tuition for my summer program at Booth. I borrowed the money from my Grandma and told her I would pay her back in August/September, because that is when I thought I would be reimbursed. But I will not be reimbursed, so now I just have a loan out from my Grandma that I need to pay off ASAP (for my own sanity).

With that, I’m trying to gauge whether it makes sense to cash out some of my investments and pay her off right away, or make payments to her over time as I’m paying less interest to her than I’ll be earning on the investments (ideally). Financially, it makes sense to pay her off over time. I need to run this past her though; she might prefer to be paid back on the time line I agreed too. I hate having debt too, so I almost would prefer to just pay her off to not have that hanging over my head.

On a less serious note (or more serious, depending on your priorities) I got the new Candy Corn Oreos today!!! They are über fantastic. They taste very similar to the Birthday Cake Oreos from this last summer, only on vanilla cookies instead of chocolate. They are also fun colors (split in half yellow and orange) so that is entertaining to me. I wouldn’t necessarily say they taste like Candy Corn though… which may be a good thing seeing as I am eating a cookie after all.

Wouldn’t it be the coolest job in the world to be the person who manages the different special edition oreos? I don’t even know all the ideas I would come up with. Well, in all honesty, I have a running list. But sharing them here would defeat the goal of me doing it professionally, as whoever currently has the job could just swipe it. And you know what they say, “swiper, no swiping!” Just kidding. No one says that.

Ms. President?

I wonder if I’ll ever be the President of the United States, or if I’ll stick to running companies instead. And by “stick to” I mean stay with it once I actually get there. In high school, I was voted most likely to be the President, however, they were specific to  what I would be President of.

Joe let me sleep in late this morning. Then, as we were laying there he found a bug. So I jumped the hell out of bed, googled “bed bugs,” looked at the bug and determined we needed to check the whole bed. So, we ripped off all the sheets and thoroughly inspected the bed. We didn’t find another bug, so, it probably was just one of those little guys from my plants that got into the bedroom. I know my mom is going to read this now and freak out though, but I really am sure we are good.

Then I was kind of in my “mmrraah” mood and Joe said “No, put a stop to that right now! You will not have the Sunday blues.” Thinking he may be right, I made him breakfast and then started to clean. I vacuumed and have the mattress pad in the laundry and even cleaned the mirror from when my little brothers were over and spent a half hour licking it.

Next I started googling some fun new recipes because I feel like a fat cat/bloated and I am really in the mood for vegetables. I have been eating too many carbs lately mostly. I got salmon and salad stuff and peppers and cucumbers – it is going to be a good week in food land. Once I got back from Lund’s (I heart the new one downtown!!) I made us some yummy chicken lettuce cucumber wraps. Ohh! And, on the walk to Lund’s a guy gave me a postcard that said Crave is now giving out a free drink to anyone with a Twin’s ticket the night after the game. “Damn!” I said, “I have season tickets and I live in this building.” Can you imagine a night where the back of my ticket has the free drink at Rock Bottom and then I get to go up and have a free drink at Crave too? It only amounts to two drinks which makes me obviously not a lush, but the cool fact is that they are free and would normally cost me like, $14 + tip for the two.

After our lunch I went to Target because I needed to get fabric softener. I also had my 5% off coupon for all day, so I got some other needed items. Like a martini shaker that Joe thinks looks like a dildo. And a pack of the new LuckyCharms cereal bars for Halloween. And Candy Corn flavored M&Ms because after my post the other day I found out there are Candy Corn M&Ms too.

I got a little too excited at all the Halloween stuff and became disappointed I won’t be having a raging Halloween party this year. With our birthday celebration only being 2 weeks later, it makes sense to delay a party, and who wants to have a Halloween themed birthday party in the middle of November? Not me.

Google Stock.

So, I’m going to buy some Google stock. And by “some” I mean “a.” Because, that’s all I can afford.

Joe thinks it’s a little silly to only buy one stock. While it may be, I think it’s totes worth it to be able to say that I am a Google stock holder. It brings me into a different realm, a realm that I really want to be in. Not sure where… or why… it may only be so at my interview with Google in 6 years I can say that I’m a longtime stock holder. Isn’t that a good enough reason though?

How does one going about buy a stock?

The moment of no return

So let me begin by saying “uh-oh.” I may have found a new hobby/addiction. We all know that I am in love with Google… so today I went onto eBay to search for Google memorabilia. This all started with my friend Laura whom I recently stayed with in DC. She mentioned that she has a Google water bottle due to a project her company did with them. I was like “omg, that’s the coolest thing in the entire world.” Sadly though, it was at work so I was unable to bow to it (aka, see it). I was having a difficult time coming up with stuff on eBay though… there were too many Google phones and computers and people trying to sell you the ability to make your website appear higher in Google… until I came upon a wooden block puzzle. Inside the description it said “not found at the Google store.”


A Google STORE?!

So I trudged my way on over to The Google Store where I proceeded to spend the next hour adding everything in the world I would ever want Google branded.

I’m not trying to spend money I’m not trying to spend money I’m just getting my credit cards paid down I don’t need to be buying this stuff I don’t even work there yet and when I’m CEO I’ll get all this crap for free so don’t even look at it okay…. Is what I had to repeat over, and over, and over in my head.

Once I knew the specifics of what I was looking for though, I went back on over to eBay to search for cheaper prices (as if that would happen). On this second time around though.. I found something I missed before. An entire realm of products… collectibles… happiness that had previously been hidden to me. I found.. the world of Andrew Bell Android Collectible Vinyls. Were one to create something with only me in mind, it would combine my two favorite things: Google and miniature figures. Holy crap, I can’t even make this stuff up. I’m going to go broke and this isn’t even funny.

Searching for more information only led to me finding this blog, which informed me that I am missing AndroidCon 2012. This doesn’t even sound like a real thing but it sure makes me sad I won’t be going to Comic-Con this year because my Booth program overlaps and I’m a sad Sally. Reasons 514-516 why I need to go to Stanford.

Reasons I’m not going to Jamaica

So, Hanson, my favorite band in the entire world, is going to do a week-long concert tour/celebration in Jamaica. However, I will not be joining them. This is the saddest thing since sliced bread (that may not be the saying… but you get the gist).

  1. The trip costs $1500/person, not including airfare. This means that for Joe and I to go, it would cost us each just under $2k. Yet, we only have $500 each in our travel fund, so… this was a point of contention.
  2. I totally would have taken out a loan for this (graaannndddmmaa?) but when Joe said no, I no longer had anyone to go with me. Convincing recent college grads/a cousins that just bought a car is more difficult than it has any right to be.
  3. They sold out. How stupid is that? They weren’t even on sale for a week and now they are all gone. I was hoping to continue working Joe for this… thinking I could leverage both my raise (that was announced today) and my future winnings from the NCAA tourney (TBD.. $500 cause I’m lucky?).

Well, I guess it just wasn’t meant to be. I hope that all the lucky gals who are going enjoy tie dying with Zac and mixing cocktails with Taylor… teardrop.

An old friend

So I was leaving my psychologist’s office this morning, when, out of nowhere, I ran into my roommate from college! We lived together during junior year, but didn’t see too much of each other. He was always at his girlfriend’s and I was a busy person. We were really good friends before that though, I remember first meeting him during first year when I was kind of into his friend and I brought one of my friends along because the guy I was into was bringing his friend. Nothing ever came of that guy (turns out he had a girlfriend who didn’t like us making out on occasion); but his “friend” (they only hung out that one night) has been one of my good friends ever since!

I can understand that running into a friend isn’t all that shocking. However, he lives in Tennessee and I haven’t seen him since graduation a year ago. It was really lovely to run into him- I gave him a huge hug and asked if we could hang out before he went back to Tennessee.

As I continued my walk to work, I began thinking of all the people who have had really meaningful places in my life in the past, but for one reason or another, have fallen away. It makes me sad. It makes me grateful that these people were once in my life even though they aren’t anymore. It makes me want to reconnect with them and hope that things are the same. It makes me want to reach out to Drew and Mollie and all my other awesome, amazing friends over the years and continue my relationships with them.

Then reality kicks in. I’m back at work and realize that life is finite. I’d love to fly to Colorado and North Carolina and then to D.C. too, but the truth is I have work and not enough money, and I think I would miss Joe. Isn’t that lame? I don’t want to start traversing the country without him! I want him with me because he is awesome and a new part of my life that I want to share with the old parts.

But, either way, I’m at work now and have things to do- I can’t be dreaming about gallivanting all over the world and stuff.