I make lists. Here is one of things I am stressed out about.

Things I am stressed out about

  1. Money
    • Lack of it. Especially around Christmas time. Plus, I went shopping this weekend and maybe shouldn’t have. But it was fun and good retail therapy while the high lasted. Now I just have the guilt. I’ll return the shoes most likely. The sweater is really cute.
  2. Work
    • Not busy enough. Things were better last week and are hopefully good this week, but still. Sometimes I’ll read a tweet about a company I’m interested in out in San Francisco and I’m mad that I’m stuck here in MN. But, not really mad because I know I will get to leave as soon as Joe is done with school and I’m being a supportive girlfriend.
  3. The party
    • Cleaning. This house isn’t like, bad, but just the typical stuff like vacuuming and what not before people come over. And I kind of want to do laundry, but I bet people that are coming over for our birthday party won’t care if there are dirty clothes in the hamper.
    • Shopping for supplies. Both food and drinks. And figuring out the deets on how I want to decorate. I have most of the stuff figured out and I know what I’m going to get and what not, but this week is a busy week for Joe (I just found out he has a paper due Saturday night… how stupid is that?) so I’m left to do most of the stuff on my own. Like shopping.
  4. Writing
    • I’m super far behind on NaNoWriMo
    • I have stuff to do for my memoir class too, which isn’t until later this week but I’m still allowing myself to be stressed about it
  5. My weight
    • I’ve been feeling like a fatty lately
    • My weight isn’t up, but I just am not as muscular as I once was. I should be working out more, but a gym membership costs money and I’m probably too lazy to do it anyway
  6. Losing stuff
    • I can’t find my skewers. It isn’t a huge deal and I can just go buy some more at Target, but where the heck did they go? I’ve checked seriously everywhere.
    • I also can’t find my glow sticks. I’m less concerned about this one because I wasn’t sure if I had kept them anyway, but now instead of inserting awesome glow sticks into self-blown balloons, I’ll probably just get a couple dozen helium balloons. Except, those cost money.
    • While I was down in my storage unit looking for skewers and sticks and bringing back down Halloween decorations, I found a box that something had spilled all over inside of. The box was filled with cards and memorable newspapers, and pictures too. Not to mention my Mary-Kate and Ashley video games and dolls. Those have more or less survived though, thank god.
  7. Watching too much TV
    • I got rid of my TV for a reason, and things were fine then. No, that is a lie, things weren’t necessarily better but at least I didn’t have a TV. Now I watch TV and I’m having a hard time figuring how much is normal and how much is the line of me turning into a sack of potatoes.

Making lists makes me feel better. I will stop crying now.

Pink Betty needs a cleaning

I’m thinking about getting my couch cleaned. Mainly because I read somewhere once that getting your couch professionally cleaned once a year helps make it a happy couch. That probably isn’t word-for-word what it said, but the sentiment remains: I should clean my couch.

This stemmed from me cleaning the house. After finally folding up the blankets that have been on the couch for weeks, I noticed there was a little spot on the middle cushion  To clean it, I just grabbed a washcloth, put a dab of water on it, and tried to rub it out. Well… when I checked back later it was just a bigger spot that wasn’t as dark. I take a lot of pride in my couch, as many of you know, and instead of attempting to do anything with cleaning products, it may just be easier to have someone else, who knows that the hell they are doing, come and do it for me.

Then I went and tried Angie’s List, because I think I hear commercials for them a lot so the name is in my head (damn effective marketing!). But, they charge a monthly fee. How much crap is that? I then went and did my own searching and found a couple local places. And more than just a couple really, I live in Minneapolis. So, I fleshed out the list a bit more and settled on two companies that are also like “green!” and “eco-friendly!” because I’m allergic to every chemical under the sun. I didn’t even click the link for “Chem-Dry” because the name is literally screaming chemicals…

If you have experience in getting couches cleaned, let me know. But, just randomly bring it up.. one might say nonchalantly. Meaning, don’t reference the blog. Then I will get creeped out and it will be funny.

Ms. President?

I wonder if I’ll ever be the President of the United States, or if I’ll stick to running companies instead. And by “stick to” I mean stay with it once I actually get there. In high school, I was voted most likely to be the President, however, they were specific to  what I would be President of.

Joe let me sleep in late this morning. Then, as we were laying there he found a bug. So I jumped the hell out of bed, googled “bed bugs,” looked at the bug and determined we needed to check the whole bed. So, we ripped off all the sheets and thoroughly inspected the bed. We didn’t find another bug, so, it probably was just one of those little guys from my plants that got into the bedroom. I know my mom is going to read this now and freak out though, but I really am sure we are good.

Then I was kind of in my “mmrraah” mood and Joe said “No, put a stop to that right now! You will not have the Sunday blues.” Thinking he may be right, I made him breakfast and then started to clean. I vacuumed and have the mattress pad in the laundry and even cleaned the mirror from when my little brothers were over and spent a half hour licking it.

Next I started googling some fun new recipes because I feel like a fat cat/bloated and I am really in the mood for vegetables. I have been eating too many carbs lately mostly. I got salmon and salad stuff and peppers and cucumbers – it is going to be a good week in food land. Once I got back from Lund’s (I heart the new one downtown!!) I made us some yummy chicken lettuce cucumber wraps. Ohh! And, on the walk to Lund’s a guy gave me a postcard that said Crave is now giving out a free drink to anyone with a Twin’s ticket the night after the game. “Damn!” I said, “I have season tickets and I live in this building.” Can you imagine a night where the back of my ticket has the free drink at Rock Bottom and then I get to go up and have a free drink at Crave too? It only amounts to two drinks which makes me obviously not a lush, but the cool fact is that they are free and would normally cost me like, $14 + tip for the two.

After our lunch I went to Target because I needed to get fabric softener. I also had my 5% off coupon for all day, so I got some other needed items. Like a martini shaker that Joe thinks looks like a dildo. And a pack of the new LuckyCharms cereal bars for Halloween. And Candy Corn flavored M&Ms because after my post the other day I found out there are Candy Corn M&Ms too.

I got a little too excited at all the Halloween stuff and became disappointed I won’t be having a raging Halloween party this year. With our birthday celebration only being 2 weeks later, it makes sense to delay a party, and who wants to have a Halloween themed birthday party in the middle of November? Not me.

My Halloween Party

So I’ve spent the last few weeks putting together a halloween party. What kicked off the idea was a really cool jello cake recipe I saw- I wanted to make something similar, spiked, for a party.

Well, last night was the party, and here is my recap.

Joe helped me get ready nearly all week- decorating, cleaning, and baking treats. He also put together the complete playlist which was awesome (and the last song was playing when the last group left! PERFECT!). Yesterday I spent all day getting my costume ready (I already knew what I was going to be, but still needed to get it ready), baking/cooking, cleaning and last minute decorating. The costumes were cute: I was a Wal-mart worker and Joe was a person of Wal-mart. My favorite part of his costume was the mustache that he affixed as fake chest hair. Heck yes.

Around the time I was making my mummy weenies, I began looking through my recipes on my computer. CRAP. I totally had forgotten to make the jello cake that had set the whole thing off- I guess I’ll have to have another party mostly.

I was freaking out about getting everything done on time and Joe was cleaning my dishes as I was being all tense and shit. Then he says to me “Well, I was hoping we could be done by 7:45 so we could take some time to relax with a drink before the guests start arriving.” How fricken perfect is he? I was just like “gaahhh- that’s exactly what I need.” So, it twas what we did, and it was great. I was so happy when my first guests arrived, a friend from OKC and a friend from work. I got everyone drinks and we chatted for a bit, and slowly bunches of other people showed up. Everyone had rockin costumes, and it was really nice to see some people I hadn’t seen in a while.

At one point in the evening, a bunch of my coworkers knocked on the door together- their costume was a group costume, where they were all in a protest saying they were the 99% that want my cupcakes back, #OccupyKatesApt. It was really cute and made me pretty happy.

Nothing dramatic happened, and I didn’t get too smashed to remember what happened. One friend brought with a girl I didn’t know, but she seemed really great and was totally in love with my apt, which I thought was awesome(sauce). Sometimes it takes someone from the outside appreciating what we have for us to realize it… which is kind of sad.

Even though it was just a little get together, I felt really happy afterwards to see people I loved, have a great time in my own place, and then get to snuggle up to Joe after everyone left. I didn’t actually do too much snuggling though, because I passed the fuck out and apparently Joe proceeded to throw up for the next hour, none of which I heard of course. I felt bad :-/

I slept in late this morning- didn’t wake up until it was light out. After some light cleaning up (the place wasn’t even trashed!) and taking a shower, Joe and I passed out again listening to the radio. I probably wasn’t conscious again until after noon- which is insane for me. We stayed in bed and watched G.I. Joe on his cell phone until about 3 when he left for bowling. I was a little hungover, but more so in the emotional sense- I just felt moody. Even so, it felt so good to just stay in bed all day and not have anything to worry about or stress over. This whole “graduated” thing is quite neat.

Now I’ll probably be lame for the rest of the night and not work out like I probably should. I’ll hopefully be in bed by maybe 8pm, and fall asleep with a good book before my awesome Monday morning. I love weekends :)

But, before I shall go, here are the pictures of my place before the party! (And I’ve posted the links to the recipes below)

http://www.divinedinnerparty.com/halloween-recipe-ideas.html (I made the deviled eggs)

My ADHD hurts

So I was at work today, doing some research in what is basically our corporate wikipedia site. I came across an entry for awesomesauce… and really all I could do was shake my head. A few months ago, I first heard Joe use the phrase weaksauce, and after I stopped laughing, I asked “wtf is that?” He asked if I ever found my way online, and, given that I have not had internet in my residence since May, I had to say “No, I guess not.”

When did this sauce crap start? Why is it taking over the world and who started it? On a similar note, about a month ago when I went to Joe’s parents house for dinner, I was greeted by the most delicious spaghetti sauce. Being from a Hunts Traditional family myself, I was utterly shocked that she had made it from scratch!

A few weeks later, I eventually worked up the balls to call her and ask her for the recipe. Within about 2 minutes, she hung up on me. Realizing this was due to unfamiliarity with technology rather than seeded hatred, Joe called her back. I eventually got the recipe, and as I should have expected, everything was in “some” & “a little” measurements. Never being one to turn down a challenge, I said “Alright! I can do this!” And boy, did I. Now that was some awesomesauce…

Earlier this evening I was on the phone with Joe when I got it in my head that he should move his furniture in his apartment. This is for a few reasons, one being that he has this really weird corner blocked off by couches where his computer sits. This is hard to explain, but basically one needs to jump over the arm of a couch in order to reach his desk. Last night as we were working on computer stuff together, this presented more than a couple difficulties. Further, a lot of light comes in from his balcony, which is AWESOME, but totally gets in my eyes when I’m watching TV.

Now, I began to tell him all the different ways I had been brainstorming his apartment rearrangement, when I realized I was being a silly-controlling girlfriend and deserved a response along the lines of “umm… Who do you think you are, I like my apartment just the way it is- thank you very much.” However, he didn’t cock me off like any normal person might do, but rather allowed me to share my wonderful ideas. He thought about it and might actually switch some things up.

Why is this relevant? Because I have a small furniture rearrangement addiction, and now I cannot stop thinking of the different ways to do my own apartment. This is all a part of me bouncing off the walls this evening, trying to clean my apartment. While this is actually the ideal state for one to be in while cleaning, it does make me feel crazy.

  1. I became distracted by this foreign object atop a building outside my window. Its about 33 stories above my lookout, so I can only see a small part of it, but I’m sure it wasn’t there yesterday. What could it be?
  2. Technically I am in the middle of unpacking/cleaning my room from my Denver trip. Doing so, I had to bring things back to my desk and that caused me to stop and research how much I could possibly sell my car and stereo system for (not that much).
  3. Each time I leave my room to put something away, I start cleaning wherever I went. So, when I brought the fork that was on the floor in the middle of my room to the sink, of course I had to empty the dishwasher and fill it up again.
  4. Next, when I brought a load of stuff into the bathroom, I really felt the irresistible urge to brush my teeth (still technically cleaning, right?).
  5. Back in my room, I see my dumbbells. “Hmm… weights? I haven’t used these in awhile, and I probs won’t make it to the gym… sure I’ll lift a little!”
  6. [10 minutes later while folding laundry]: “Am I just now realizing that American-Apparel shirts don’t have side seams? Thats awesome. Do most other shirts? Maybe I’m just noticing it because I’m crazy. I can’t tell if this is an anomaly. I’m going to go check others…” [they all had side seams!!]

Clearly I understand this is the normal way to clean, but it does make me feel rather scatter brained… Thinking I’m special because I can’t focus on one thing? Everyday cliché.

Next, I decided to attempt a double batch of chocolate chip/butterscotch/M&M cookies. In the kitchen I realized I was out of butter, but found a fondant vagina instead. I think I’m going to place a magnet on the back of it and put it on my fridge. Hopefully my grandma won’t know what it is when she sees it… or wait, hopefully she does know what it is. This is getting weird… I’ll just decide now that I’ll hide it next time she comes… AHH

But why do I have a fondant vagina you ask?

Well, a couple weeks ago, I had just gotten to work and of course the first thing I do is check facebook. I realized that it was my best friend’s birthday and I had completely forgotten to send anything. In a panic, I searched for “bakery near ___ (his address)”. The closest one, and the only one I needed to check, was called Le Bakery Sensual.

Being a smart thinker, I made the phone call from the bathroom, as anyone near my cube would have been able to hear the conversation. However, apparently this crazy bakery doesn’t open up until later in the day -and- that’s on Colorado time too. This was literally my busiest day at work ever, so I had to squeeze the call in right before my team lunch- prime pee time in the corporate world. Therefore, I was forced to make the call from my desk.

I tried to just get one cupcake delivered, but they didn’t want to do that. Eventually I was swindled into purchasing a dozen cupcakes. “Fine, whatever, its my bff’s birthday” I thought. Knowing this is a sexual bakery, when the guy asks me what I want on them, I say “lady things- err, ugh, guy things… I mean… I don’t know, this is for a guy.” While he did understand what I meant, he needed to clarify by asking which specific body parts I wanted. I ultimately had to say, aloud in my cube, “boobs and vaginas please.”

At this point, I just gave him the address and my credit card number and needed to get off the phone. My cubbie was just staring at me like “What the f was that phone call about…?”

During lunch, it occurs to me I was never told the total cost of this gift. And, had I not been so flustered, maybe I would have thought to get a penis for myself.

Anyway, I finish out the day and rush home to get ready for the wedding that Joe and I are attending that night. We both get dressed up and head out the door. On the drive there, I get a phone call. Being the techie-guru that I am, my phone calls come through my stereo system. I answer with a polite “Hello?” and in return:

“Did you send me dirty cupcakes!?”

My grin was huge. I was also able to convinced him to send a picture.

I then asked him to save me one. He replied wanting to know which one I desired, so I turn to Joe and pose the question “Do I want to eat vagina or boob?”

Joe jokes that the first words he ever heard my BFF utter were “did you send me dirty cupcakes!?” I’m just glad no one else was in the car. When I went to Denver to visit last weekend, Drew had saved me one (and in case you were wondering, I definitely chose vagina). However, he did not preserve it in the freezer, and it was stale as shit. I ate a little bit of the frosting then just decided to take the jay-jay home. Days later, I was able to confirm with my bank statement that this whole ordeal cost a lovely $80. Absolutely 100% worth it.