I’m going to be a producer!


I went to a conference my first weekend here in LA. It was a Film in California conference and while some of it focused on tax credits specifically for filming in California, there was a lot of useful information.

The best part of the day was a panel I attended that had producers from True Blood, Ugly Betty and Mad Men, and a Vice President of Physical Production from Paramount. After hearing more about their day-to-day roles and the impact they have on the content, I decided that it is the job for me. But production isn’t the easiest part to get into, especially for math nerds without any film background. So, for the past 2 weeks I’ve been reaching out to tons of people and meeting with various production assistants and anyone else that will meet with me. The more I hear about it, the more I’m sure it’s what I want to do.

I’m even trying to line up something part-time during the school year. If I could find a local news station that needed part-time production assistance, I could feasibly do that in the morning before any of my classes. I technically could also wait until I’m done with school, but I’m impatient as fuck and want to be able to get a better job once I’m actually done. I also want to be sure it’s what I really want.

Right now, my gut is telling me I don’t want to be doing heavy strategy work. That’s pretty much the focus of my internship and I don’t know if it is the content or the work-load, but I’m not completely stimulated. Which will make for a long summer.


Slow and steady week

I’m half way through week one and I’m still not entirely sure what I’ll be working on. Monday was a long day of orientation. Because I’ve only gone through orientation once before (directly after undergrad at Target), it is hard to determine whether this is how all orientations are, or just orientations that are catering towards first time full-time employees. Specifically, I don’t feel I needed to be told how to conduct myself in a meeting, but I’m also in the 1% of folks who have worked in the corporate atmosphere before. Everyone else is my program is an undergraduate intern and coming from a very different perspective. So I just went along with the program and tried to learn a few things. I paid special attention to what I’m able to disclose and what I’m not – that’s going to be difficult. I also learned what to do in the event of an earthquake… something I never had to think about in Minnesota!

A wrench was thrown into my week though, my supervisor is out of the country. He was pulled away last minute and therefore I only have a brief email of direction to go off of. The week has been a little boring because of that. I have taken advantage of all that the campus has to offer though. Monday I went to the free screening of Avengers Age of Ultron in 3D. It really pissed off the feminist in me. Seriously, the one female superhero had to fall in love and needed to be rescued? What the crap is that? Black Widow doesn’t need a man saving her, she is bad ass all on her own and wouldn’t even get kidnapped in the first place. Seriously. — End rant —

Yesterday I went to yoga, which is offered every Tuesday and Thursday. It was outside alongside the koi pond. It was even more beautiful than it sounds. The weather was perfect, which makes me concerned for a month or two from now when the weather will make me want to die. I probably will quit yoga at that point. Temporarily of course.

After work this evening there was a screening of Jaws. It was a part of the “movies you have not seen but should” series. This is perfect because I actually hadn’t seen it. And honestly, I couldn’t even really tell it was a movie from the 70’s. It really holds up really well. I enjoyed it and maybe will watch it again some day with my kids when I want to scare the crap out of them. I’m going to be such a good mom.

Things turned around!

It’s really too bad that I am so often rewarded for my ranting; it only encourages me. The day after my post about my internship frustrations, I received two internship offers for the summer. More specifically, I received an offer from a TV Network in NYC and they wanted a response within 1 business day so I applied pressure on the other company I had been speaking with to also make a decision. The pressure worked and they came to me with an offer the same day.

I went into the weekend with so much worry about the decision ahead of me. Both options were fantastic. In NYC I would be working on distribution analytics, something I’m incredibly interested in and passionate about. In LA, my job would be to manage a brand/franchise for the summer, something I have less experience in, but knew would be a great learning opportunity.

In truth, I knew my decision right away. My gut told me the LA position was the one I should take. Yet, I spent hours try to convince myself my gut was wrong, and then why it was right. I also had a lot of concern about turning a company down. I was so extremely interested in both roles though, and unfortunately I cannot be on both coasts at once. After two nights of very little sleep, I made the phone calls early Monday morning. There was that awkward time where I had declined with the East Coast but couldn’t yet reach the West Coast and was sorta concerned it would all turn to flames so I just went to workout.

But it is official! I passed the background check, reserved an airbnb room near the campus and bought my plane ticket. Wowza.

The Corporate Ladder: A Quote

You will need to work your way up the corporate ladder. So do your best to enjoy every rung because the journey is what will define you. – Christiane Amanpour 

This line speaks to me because it is so true to where I am at. Sometimes I know I can get a little ahead of my self and let my ADHD get the best of me. But, all in all, I need to calm down and remember that each phase is an important one.

Worst day ever.

So I just left the Lynx game crying. This is because they wouldn’t let me in. I’m still super upset about it, but the gist it, apparently laptops are not allowed in the Target Center. This is upsetting to me because I had my laptop. They were all like “oh, laptops are not allowed” and I said “well, can I at least come in to grab my bobble head? Then I will leave” and they would not allow it. They said that in order for to come in I would need to check my bag. I really wanted a fricken bobble head so I went over to check my bag, which luckily was free, but then I went in to grab my bobble head. But, I’m not about to leave my Dooney and Bourke purse with my Macbook Air in the free bagage check at the Target Center, so I turned right around and left. wft, I am pissed. Because I love #loslynx and seeing them kick ass.

In all honestly, very little of this is probably about the bobble head (which I keep mistakenly typing as booble). Today was just a crap day. Last night, I couldn’t fall asleep for the fricken life of me. I was up way past Joe falling asleep, which is crazy because he knows that I like him to stay up after I go to sleep so he always tries to. But, at one point in the night, I turned over and saw him eyes-closed, nose up, snoring. It’s okay though, because he has bad allergies and usually never snores.

Anyway, I didn’t go to sleep until after 11:30 and I woke up at 4. 4am, I shit you not. I twittered, I facebooked (a Burger King was robbed last night!) and then I thought about showering. I knew that would be good at waking me up and getting my day started, but I didn’t want Joe to feel left out. So, I somehow fell asleep and woke up to Joe reading Twitter at 5:40; by that point, the alarm had gone off twice.

“Mmmrrrah” was the first thing out of my mouth. Then we took a shower and I went to work. Things are kind of in a “lull” right now, and I’m not feeling as challenged as I would typically choose to be. I did watch an episode of Heros over lunch, I’m not going to lie. As a side note… This last thursday I stayed home sick, half because I had bad allergies, half because I forgot my retainer the night before and had a hella bad headache that wasn’t even fair. Therefore, during the day I decided to start a new series. After starting Peacemaker and realizing it was a total failure, I called upon my online friends. And by “my online friends,” I mean Joe’s online friends. Either way, I ended up addicted to Heros.

Now I’m at Rock Bottom eating the best chocolate stout cupcake with cream cheese frosting ever. My bartender gave me a free shot, mostly because she feels bad for me. I gave her the pity story of how I got kicked out of the Lynx game. Although, I realize I still haven’t gotten to the bad part of my day though.

I got an email. From like, HR mostly. Hr as in, Human Resources. This is because they were all like “oh, no, we aren’t going to fund your summer program” because, according to them, I didn’t submit the form beforehand. However, when I went in to look at the form, it appeared totally familiar to me and I know I filled it our before. I even remember emailing the program beforehand to get the info on each class. However, they are saying that I am now out $6300 because I did not submit some form beforehand, for which I call bullshirt. Hah! What the hell is bullshirt? A new awesome word mostly.

Either way, I’m upset and confused. I emailed my manager but I still feel at a place of resolve. I’ll have to Google resolve now though, to ensure that is the word I really mean to say.

Busy bee

I’ve been totally overloading my schedule lately to keep me busy and entertained. It is totally working and I like it a lot. I don’t like when I get sedentary because then I also get emo. I talked to Drew this past weekend, but only on gchat. It was still super lovely though. Joe is always a great listener, but Drew has been through most of it so he comes from a different perspective. He starts at Stanford soon and I’m über excited for him.

Also! Last night I had dinner with an old friend from college. I hadn’t seen her in way too long so it was really nice to catch up. I forget how nice it is to be surrounded by people that get me. Not sure if this is a good thing or a bad…

I’m applying for a couple different things here and there. One I’ve talked about before and that is the Girls in Tech PR position. My meeting about that is tomorrow! I’m also looking into being the volunteer lead for the food program at the school I used to go to. I thought that I’d blogged about it after one of the times, but I guess I didn’t. Anyway, I’ve volunteered with them a few times through work and it is always a great/sad experience to be back where I went to elementary school and see how I have/it has changed. Being the lead coordinator would be a great experience to both connect to the community more and make a bigger impact. Lastly, I’m thinking about applying to a fellowship type of thing. I heard about it through work, and it is really a mentorship program but I would be paired up with someone awesome in business and then would go to programs now through April. I need to read more about it though before I make a decision. It is with League of Women Voters and I don’t know enough about them as an org. Normally this is something I’d ask my Grandma about, but she’s in Ireland or London or something awesome like that. I’ll have to Google it.

Call me maybe?

So today was a fantastic day. I was quite tired when I woke up, but only because I was up so late. I find it hard to go to a game and be so riled up only to come home and go to sleep. Anyway, made it into work with coffee in hand (judgmental boyfriend next to me, “we should really stop wasting so much money on these things!”) with time to prep for my 7:30a meeting. After that, the day was jam packed and that’s exactly how I like it.

A one piece of awesomeness: my project buddy, who up until this point has been driving this big project I’m working on, put in his two week notice last week. The timing isn’t great from a project standpoint- things are really ramping up and funding requests are due next week, etc. The timing is absolutely perfect from a “Kate needs more to do” standpoint.

Throughout this project I’ve gone in with the whole “I need to understand everything that is going on incase PB dies or something” mentality. Thankfully he didn’t die, he is just leaving the company. This means I get to step up and take over the project which I’m über excited for.

When I first found out he put in his notice last Thursday it took me so long to fall asleep. I was excited and jumping around and couldn’t wait to meet with my manager the next morning to discuss everything. I really see this as my opportunity to step up and demonstrate what I am capable of. The only thing that really stood in the way though was convincing my manager that I was the right person to take over. It made sense to me, but I know that I strive in an environment where I am thrown in and forced to swim. My manager has no reason to understand that about me yet.

Friday couldn’t have turned out any better had I written the script myself. I met with my manager and she was like “Kate, you are awesome, I need you on my team long-term and I’m excited to see you grow into this role” or something close to that ;). What this means though is that I am getting a promotion and I get to really drive this project through. Ahh! I’m so excited because it is awesome and fun and exciting.

At home now… just put together a turkey burger in an effort to give myself energy to clean. This was unsuccessful because it was really old and turned out disgusting. I looked on the box for like, 6 minutes to find the expiration date, but couldn’t find anything. So, I ate it anyway. The ketchup and vodka masked the freezer burn.

In the meantime, I’m putting together my menu for tomorrow. I invited some friends over for a couples dinner and there are some gluten free needs that I have to prepare for. My manager is gluten free and had I thought about this any earlier than right now I could have asked her for advice at work today. Alas, I found a website that should suffice. Now I just gotta drag my ass down the street to the new Lund’s (I’m assuming they are more likely to have gluten free rice-noodles than Target…)

As my last random-ass note, the title goes out to my grandma because I have been trying to get a hold of her for a hella long time. I need her social security number in order to sign us up for a white house tour for our D.C. trip in October. High five.

Happy Tuesday to me

So first and foremost I need to rant about how much the elevator algorithm in my building sucks. There are two elevators for 14 floors of apartments. Surprisingly, I rarely see anyone, unless of course they are there to cock me off. [And yes, I am using words like that in order to get more hits. It’s the way of the internet folks]. I am able to see which floors the elevators are on, so when one is on 6 and the other on 9, which do you think comes down to get me? The one on 9 of course, because it makes no sense. A bigger issue yet is that it doesn’t even seem like it uses any logic. It isn’t designed to have one sit on 6 at all times, because that would sort of make sense to sit half way (floors go basement through 12). The elevators basically just sit where ever they were last called, which is pointless for so many reasons. Elevators can be smarter than this.

Anyway, why am I ranting about elevators you ask? Because I was sitting at work today and having nearly completed all that I was to do I asked myself “hmm.. its 11:30… what should I do for lunch?” Normally I just sit at my desk and maybe read a blog or two (or like yesterday, follow WWDC). Today I was feeling a little down though for some reason. Pinpointing that reason is nearly impossible as 10 minutes prior I was in a pretty exciting meeting. I love the projects that I’m working on right now and it is actually something that I care about. I could go on and on about the possible reasons for my mood change though… maybe it’s because I’m not eating as much to try and drop my 5lbs from travel-gain. Maybe it’s because I am PMSing or something. Maybe it is because I’m not being challenged enough at work or I don’t have enough on my plate. Maybe it is because I’m lazy and just wish I were at home playing The Sims (especially with my new Pets expansion pack!!). Lastly, it could be because I’m suppose to update my silly resume for MBA stuff and I need to get it done today but I keep putting it off.

So I came home for lunch. In this hour I will probably blog (check), eat a snack, finish my resume, and put in a load of laundry. The more I can accomplish the better because then I will feel useful.

Trip of love

So I absolutely love my team. And I had the best business trip ever. Actually, it wasn’t better than the last in terms of awesomeness from a work standpoint, but a lot of really cool things happened to me. First, I finally got an email from Stanford. Like I’ve said before, they have been playing hard to get with me and haven’t sent me anything since I got the confirmation email of “expressing interest”. I nearly shit myself because while I understand that getting an email is nothing like getting accepted, I am excited to have come this far. Also, it’s better than not being contacted at all.

I also got to drive by Stanford and sigh longingly. I fell in love with California to the max and now I’m absolutely sure that it’s where I want to be.

The next totally awesome part? I just found out that one of the companies that I will visit this summer at my Booth Program is Google. Yes, I said Google. Google in Chicago. I am so excited I could die. What if I don’t want to leave? I’d probably just have to move in there or something.

The lame part of my trip? All the airline delays. We were late as shit getting out of MSP (damn Delta!) and the flight then felt that much longer. I’m sitting at the airport again now and I’m very much hoping that shit shiznet gets out on time.

But why do I love my team you ask? Because they are awesome. Today I was hungover and said that I wish I could have taken home my leftovers from our vendor dinner last night because pasta is awesome for a hangover. My manager told me that I should have because I’m running the show mostly and that I need to remember to just do stuff and then stick to the “ask for forgiveness, not for permission” philosophy. It’s a good philosophy.

I also love them because I feel like they all appreciate and accept me for who I am. They don’t want me to change my sarcasm or put on a front because they think I’m awesomesauce already. This is something that I always value because, to be honest, it is rare. Like I’ve said before, people either love me or they don’t, but the truth is, the love is a lot harder to come across. So, High Five to my team. You guys are awesome(sauce).

Day 2: Business Trip

So, the next day was even better than the first. I woke up early, found a lovely Caribou Coffee only a few blocks away and awaited the rest of my crew. We were to be at the vendor’s at 9am so my crazy ass waking up at 5am had a long time to wait.

When we got there, there were cones out front saving us the most awesome parking spaces. I technically took a picture of it because it was awesome, but I also don’t want to give away where we were. So, let’s just say, it was definitely first class service.

Inside, things were even better. The office was located in an old warehouse and it was really neat to see how they had updated it. I loved their technologies and energy, the day was fantastic all around.

At lunch, I somehow snagged a seat next to the CEO (or rather, he snagged a seat next to me) and we began chatting a lot about what I do at work and how I got here, where I want to go next, etc. I told him about my awesome Mary-Kate and Ashley website from back in the day and… I’m pretty sure he was impressed. It was so inspiring though to meet with the guy that started it all and had this drive to just get stuff done. I asked him about his path since undergrad and really appreciated his candor.

By the end of the day, I was pretty much in love with the company. From wanting to use their technologies to wanting to join their team, it was really an eyeopening experience. That night at dinner we went to this super awesome restaurant. We even had a private room that had floor to ceiling windows facing into the kitchen.

The first appetizer that they brought out was a plate of raw meat. I was all creeped out, thinking “hell no is there anyway I will be consuming completely uncooked beef tonight.” Turns out I was correct because I got to cook it myself on a stone they provided. It was seriously the best piece of meat I have ever tasted in my life.

Throughout the meal the vendor employees kept moving around to get acquainted with us. I met some really fantastic and experienced people. Their entire team was people I felt that I could bullshit with and get to know on a pretty real level. First a man sat next to me and he was pretty funny. We started talking about being Native American and some of my experiences at work. After awhile he got the table’s attention and said that he was at the good end of the table because I am pretty funny. That felt good. One woman was the COO and she shared a lot of advice. Another woman, whom I particularly liked, talked with me for quiet awhile about her experiences through business school and working at a large company for such a long time. What I took away from that conversation was 1) don’t get married to young and 2) leave a company when you feel you are no longer being challenged. She felt she waited too long and she loves what she is doing now so much that she feels she may have missed out.

This is my really awesome salmon.

After bringing up my lava cake ordeal from the night before, they pulled some strings to get a lava cake for me (the restaurant didn’t carry it… but somehow made it appear.) 

After the fantastic meal we had we went out to the club. Seriously. I’d never been clubbing with a vendor before (or danced with a CEO) but I tell ya, that’s the way to go.

My bestie Drew was actually able to meet up with me too that night, and him and I got to catch up like awesomesauce and I think he might even be coming to visit me in August. That would make me the happiest person in the world mostly.