Year One: Done

I’m officially done with my first year of business school! Wow. In a lot of ways it feels like it went really quickly but when I think of all the work I put into it, it totally makes sense that it has been a full year. My second semester was so much more enjoyable than the first. The core semester at MIT was hard! They take people from working just normal jobs to being in 7 MIT classes overnight. I’m making killer progress on my goals though, so I feel accomplished.

  1. Travel internationally
    1. Check! I’ve been to Turkey, China, and am leaving for Israel tomorrow!
  2. Explore entertainment industry
    1. This is the goal of my summer!
  3. Choose between entertainment and consulting
    1. Entertainment all the way! At least for the summer. ;)
  4. Engage with empowering females in business
    1. TBD
  5. Social connections
    1. I give myself a B. Moderate progress, but still need to improve for me to consider this an accomplishment.

I won’t be bringing my laptop to Israel, but expect a full recap when I return in June.

Things turned around!

It’s really too bad that I am so often rewarded for my ranting; it only encourages me. The day after my post about my internship frustrations, I received two internship offers for the summer. More specifically, I received an offer from a TV Network in NYC and they wanted a response within 1 business day so I applied pressure on the other company I had been speaking with to also make a decision. The pressure worked and they came to me with an offer the same day.

I went into the weekend with so much worry about the decision ahead of me. Both options were fantastic. In NYC I would be working on distribution analytics, something I’m incredibly interested in and passionate about. In LA, my job would be to manage a brand/franchise for the summer, something I have less experience in, but knew would be a great learning opportunity.

In truth, I knew my decision right away. My gut told me the LA position was the one I should take. Yet, I spent hours try to convince myself my gut was wrong, and then why it was right. I also had a lot of concern about turning a company down. I was so extremely interested in both roles though, and unfortunately I cannot be on both coasts at once. After two nights of very little sleep, I made the phone calls early Monday morning. There was that awkward time where I had declined with the East Coast but couldn’t yet reach the West Coast and was sorta concerned it would all turn to flames so I just went to workout.

But it is official! I passed the background check, reserved an airbnb room near the campus and bought my plane ticket. Wowza.