Kunming Folk Art, here I come!

Tomorrow I depart for China in my first ever trip to Asia. Having traveled so little prior to Sloan, I made it a priority to start seeing the world. Participating in China Lab allows me to both gain exposure to a new country while also learning about business abroad. China plays such an important role in business that I’m excited for my first experience with it.

I’m working with a small company called Folk Art, which makes and distributes handbags and dolls both domestically in China and abroad. Along with my team, I been evaluating potential opportunities to increase profit margins and improve sales overseas. This is the first time I’ve had the opportunity to truly evaluate a marketing strategy and it has been a great learning experience.

While I’ve been spending so much time preparing for the project though, I’ve let some preparations for travel fall to the wayside. I still haven’t packed, (my flight leaves at 7am tomorrow!) I haven’t researched places nearby my hotel, nor have I learned even one word of Chinese. I don’t have a power adapter and I’m not sure what websites I’ll be able to access while there. Good thing I am an expert at “winging” it.

– Read this again here: http://mitsloan.mit.edu/student-blogs/china-india-lab-2015/kunming-folk-art-here-i-come/#sthash.dNMIbMx2.dpuf

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