Homeownership: Growth on the east side!

Now that I’m a homeowner I’ve definitely noticed a shift in my thought processes. Previously I may have been a little irritated that there is so much construction between me and my favorite Caribou, but now that I own, I’m excited for all that is changing. Right now there are just a lot of holes in the ground and broken buildings, but I wonder if in two years Joe and I will even recognize our own neighborhood.

IMG_1906 IMG_1909

We bought with the expectation that the area would ultimately grow. Currently, we are on the outskirts of downtown with the nearest bar being a solid three block walk. Nothing like the good ole’ days of living above Crave, but we knew what we were getting ourselves into.

Recently, I’ve heard talk about the Minneapolis Armory being turned into a music venue. My initial reaction was skepticism, we already have a lot of music venues here. Ignoring my frustrations of having to go to St.Paul for anyone playing at the Xcel Center, I don’t know if there is really a lack of space for touring artists. At the same time, it feels weird to use a beautiful old building as a parking garage…

Source: Tim Kiser via Wikipedia
Source: Tim Kiser via Wikipedia

Walking to Caribou this morning though, it dawned on me where it is – three blocks away from our condo. Now I’m totally excited about it. This, in addition to the new stadium and the nice park planned, will bring more life to this side of town. Maybe the restaurant space on the ground floor of our condo will finally be turned into something, like a Buffalo Wild Wings #dreaming.

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