You’re doing a duathlon?

“…Duathlon? Well, I’m going to MIT!”

This is what I wanted to say to the two lovely ladies in the elevator this morning. They were actually really nice. They were chatting about working out and how one didn’t go swimming this morning because it was -9, but she is doing some triathlons and a duathlon this year so she’s still gotta get cracking. I felt jealousy, kind of like “well, yeah, well, I’m going to go to MIT!” as if it were a competition and I still wasn’t as cool as she is because she’s an athlete.

And then I remembered Marissa Mayer and this article I read about her being a marathon runner. If she can be techy-awesome and smart and still do athletic stuff, why can’t I? So, I’m thinking I’m going to do a full triathlon this year. It probably won’t turn me into Marissa, but what if it did? 

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