Jamaica: Day 5

The title I had decided on for this post before I even began to write it was “How Hanson lost a fan in Jamaica.” It was going to be a scathing post, about how no one cares about time or others or has any respect in general. Let’s just say, it was going to be a hyperbolic over-simplification of one snippet of my experience here.

So, on day four of the Jamaica experience, Hanson was hosting a photo shoot where everyone had the opportunity to get their picture taken with the three brothers. Joe and I were just having lunch when people started lining up at about 2:30pm. Joe and I thought they were a little cray-cray because they weren’t supposed to start pictures until 3pm and who would want to wait for a whole half hour during their vacation?

An hour later, Hanson finally made it to the party. At this point, at least 90% of the people in attendance of this week were in line. We sat at the bar keeping an eye on things… We assumed that, being paid attendees and all, we’d get pictures no matter what. They wouldn’t cut the line off at a private party, even if Isaac did have his solo show at 5:30.

Surprisingly, the line was moving fast. When it dropped past the original 2:30 mark, we jumped in line. 10 minutes later I was shaking hands with all three of them. They were super nice and friendly and being as it was a little after 4:30 I couldn’t believe that they were still in high spirits. Any love that was lost from them being late was regained in their cuteness and approachability.

We also got a laugh out of them. Initially, I told Joe we should do 2 pictures: 1 with just me and then one with the both of us. You know, in case we break up, I still want good solid memories of this weekend without having to trim him out. As an alternative, I said he could stand on the end. But wanting to feel the biceps of Zac as much as anyone else here, he couldn’t resist standing in the middle. So, as we were approaching, Joe told them why I needed two, just in case we broke up. If you know any of their songs, you know they understood…

And then just like that, I’m all in love again. Plus, they put on an amazing 2+ hour show last night and I did have a great weekend. I just can’t stop by wondering… do they expect to catch a plane with that time keeping?

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