Jamaica: Day 3

Friday night after blogging, we went out to dinner at this nice Mediterranean place. Joe had turtle and I tried some of it – not bad at all! Next we went to the piano bar, one of the four or so bars they have here. We met a lovely couple from New York and ended up chatting with them for about two hours until the first show of the weekend started.

They were a bad influence. I think we not only drank more than we would have on our own, but we also did two shots. The concert afterwards was amazing though. Joe and I were dancing together on the beach singing like fools probably. Hearing live Hanson while my toes pranced around the sand, a wave brushing me every minute or two was perfection.

Friday night was so amazing that Saturday kind of sucked, mainly because we slept terribly and were hung over for half the day. But, we managed to awake before breakfast was over and then went out to Tie-dye with Zac. I was pretty excited for this, it was the first activity that we were doing with them. The event was supposed to start at 11a, but didn’t kick off until after 11:30. Why was it so late? A few people remarked that they had seen Zac outside of the bathroom, so it was clear he was already at the resort. Sitting out on the lawn waiting didn’t kill me, but its kind of like he wasted part of our vacation by being a “oh, they can wait until I’m damn well ready” type of celebrity. They’d never struck me this way before. I guess that’s what happens when you fly halfway around the world for some married men ;)

Our tie-dye shirts look awesome though. I’m the most proud of my tie-dying abilities I’ve ever been. It was Joe’s first time… it shows.IMG_1532

After swimming on the beach and taking a short nap, it was time for the first solo show, by Taylor. It was sprinkling on us just a bit, which made for an even more enjoyable experience when Taylor changed the lyrics on a whim “standing in the rain…” etc. We were so fricken ready for dinner afterwards – still not feeling quite well, I decided to go all out with Fettucini Alfredo, yes, breaking my January resolution. But I needed the pasta to help me feel better! It didn’t. I then felt more sick. So we went back to the room at 8pm and crashed, skipping the Saturday night show. We were both completely okay with this though because it was just the “fan club” songs, of which we did not know many (if any).

Thoughts so far: holy cow a lot of women have Hanson tattoos. I’ve thought of getting one, sure, but never actually pulled the plug.

Also, why aren’t they staying at the same resort? I get that they are celebrities and all and need their space from a bunch of fangirls… but, I thought we’d see them a bit more than we actually are. Next time I go all fan girl, its gunna be on a cruise so they can’t escape bwahhhahahahha.

Here’s to a lovely, not so hammered, day 3.

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