Harry Potter, the time has come

I didn’t read Harry Potter as a child, mainly because I was rebellious and didn’t want to conform to the image that society had created for me. It also seemed like a series completely out of my realm of interests and for years the first-generation hardcovers have sat on my bookshelf. Now that I’m in my upper-twenties, I’ve decided that I’ve been in the dark too long… So, I’m reading it now. And, by “reading it now” I mean “Joe is reading it to me.” Because there is nothing like being read to sleep every night.

Another reason I never read the books is that I don’t read fiction. To some, this is like saying “I don’t drink water” or something similar on the crazy scale. But, it’s just the way I roll. To avoid thoughts that I’m illiterate, I’m half way through The Corner Office, and it is a great read. I’m going to be the best non-fiction-reading-CEO ever.

4 thoughts on “Harry Potter, the time has come

  1. Okay you’re right. I did baby you too much. You are 25 years old and you still want someone to read to you before bed? YOU ARE A crazy kid. I love you. YOU always bring a smile to Mom’s fat face. Rock on Darlin!! Oh yeah I have zero desire to read or see Harry Potter I don’t like fantasy. True stories are much better and less of a time raper/rapist……. I don’t know what I meant to cut me some slack, I had a third-grade education…….

  2. I hope you enjoy them. I didn’t read them until I was in my late 20’s either but it was totally worth it. :)


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