What’s next?

I was accepted to each of the four business school programs I interviewed with: MIT, Yale, Georgetown, and Carnegie Mellon. This makes sense, I’m really good at interviewing. Taking into account my wait-list notice from NYU, two decisions remain unknown: Berkeley and UCLA.

When I got the call on Friday from MIT, I nearly shit myself. Because I’ve over indulged on the various GMAT forums though, I was under the impression calls would be coming late in the day. Which is why at 10am I had my phone stupidly upside down in the training session I was in. When I flipped it over I had missed the call by 1 minute. Seriously, just one minute. The nice, lovely woman left a voicemail stating she had “good news” and requested I call her back. I frantically IM’d Joe: “Joe. Joe. Joe. Joe. Joe. In.” is all I wrote. She wouldn’t call with good news if it was anything other than an acceptance, no way.

I called back right away but got nothing. After the longest hour and a half of my life, she finally called back. Sloan wants me, they really want me.

Now it’s time to think really hard about what I really want and how I’m going to pay for it all. The latter has been on the back-burner to say the least… For the time being though, at least through the holidays, I’m just going to sit back, relax, and be proud :)

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