[Beauty school drop out…] Go back to high school…

Having nothing to do with Grease, I awkwardly ran into someone I went to high school with at Caribou Coffee today.

Let me be clear, it was only awkward because I was there.

I kind of thought it was her, but I wasn’t entirely sure… so I did that whole, try to look from the side and get caught looking and quickly look away thing that is oh-so-awkward. This lasted for at least three minutes while her drink was being made, and when they called her name, I had all the confirmation I needed.

Maybe I would have said “hi” had I not been in my winter boots with a backpack on while on my way home. But then probably not, because I’m not the fondest of my high school years. It reminded me a lot of cliques and labels and the groups people tend to put others (and themselves) into, consciously or not.

In school, I tried hard to fall into the nerdy category. I didn’t have the highest self esteem regarding my looks and liked to think that at least I had my smarts to fall back on. I dreamt of things like being asked to the prom and what not, but seeing as I didn’t brush my hair before class, that didn’t happen. Today I’m confident and I love meeting new people… why don’t I want to go back and meet someone I knew before?

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