It happens in every relationship. Things are going so smoothly and you think nothing will get in the way. And then something happens and it is just so crushing… you start to second guess everything, wonder if this is it, the straw the breaks the camel’s back and everything is over.

Joe and I had one of these events today. We were shopping at Ikea for shelves for pictures. I found a cute idea on pinterest of just having a few of shelves so you aren’t putting tons of holes in the walls. We found just what we were looking for which was lucky.

End Result
End Result

We also found some things we weren’t looking for though… like, a painting. It was pretty cheap, $129 for a fairly large canvas picture. We started seriously talking about it, and he was a tad weary about buying art at this point in our lives. I then remembered the other super awesome idea I had about getting a picture of me on a couch printed, to put above the couch. Get it? It’s ironic.

I said we could skip the canvas art because that’s where I wanted my portrait to go. He looked at me like I just said the craziest thing he ever heard. I was pretty serious in my statement, so obviously I was taken aback by his hesitation. Long and short of it is, Joe thinks that is incredibly vain to have a larger than life picture of yourself hanging in your living room. He thinks people will think poorly of me. He then brought up Alex Rodriguez, who apparently has paintings of himself. I’m definitely not suggesting anyone actually paint it, let alone put half my body on a horse.

Anyway, we decided that I’m not there yet, and got the one from Ikea.

End Result
End Result

It’s a little expensive to get a mega picture of yourself on a canvas and what if I make the wrong decision on which picture? Joe is also putting his foot down on it being in a main room, which is where he and I just don’t see eye to eye. I agreed to get others’ opinions on it… so, what do you guys think? Would this be awesome or vain above the couch? I think it fits my personality of confidence

Courtesy of
Courtesy of

5 thoughts on “Vanity

  1. I’m with you on this one. However, if he no likey, I’lle sure pay to have one in my house. Then I could see your beautiful face every DAY! How are me DVD coming along along? Thanks for doing that for me. Love ya Babe. Mom

      1. Yes. Always on I-pad but you would have to tell me how to make it happen. You are NOT vain. You are just too beautiful and it would be to cool to have it as a remember ance of your youth. Clocks ticking-eggs rotting. Rich people have portraits etc of themselves . Are you a millionaire yet? If yes, then YES! Over your fireplace when you move to Summit,,,,,,,,

  2. Don’t get me wrong….I like confidence. It’s an extremely valuable and attractive trait when possessed by women. But this might be too clever by half. You’re going to have to constantly explain it to your guests so they don’t think you’re an asshole. After the fifth explanation you’re going to regret having it done. Or you’re going to resent the fact that your friends aren’t as clever as you. Either way, you lose.

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