Another year

I’m sitting at Buffalo Wild Wings right now, just a hop from Macalester. I originally set out to go to the one by the University of Minnesota; it is the closest and I was just looking for a quick lunch while working on essays. Then I saw hoards of teenagers and remembered it’s move-in weekend. First, hundreds of teenagers is scary on its own, but being near the U on this weekend meant they were all “finally free” and a little more rambunctious than usual.

I decided to come to Macalester’s BWW because if I’m going to be surrounded by any brand new college freshman, I’d rather them be of the higher quality. Kind of kidding, I just feel safer here… in the, omg teenagers are scary type of way. I wonder how much homework I would have done here had this place existed when I was in school…

It’s crazy that it has been another year. So much has changed since I graduated from Macalester two years ago… I lived on my own, met Joe, found a job that I love that I am advancing in, bought a condo, spent lots of money but only have velvet furniture to show for it, got involved with Girls in Tech, discovered technology was a passion… and am now preparing for the next phase: business school. I might even argue that I’ve changed more these two years than I did in the last two at Mac…

I like who I am, I like who I am turning out to be. I know I’m not perfect, but sometimes I pretend to be and others sort of believe it, which is neat. Other times I find myself in a deep dark hole not knowing how to dig myself out… here’s to always hoping I do :)


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