The application begins…

So I’ve started working more diligently on my business school applications. You can tell by the fact that I’m blogging. While I’m usually procrastinating blogging itself, it can also be a procrastination tool for other things. It depends on which I sense is more of a priority.

Anyway, I think I’ve narrowed down the list, mostly. My number one priority is applying to Stanford. I’ve visited, know I love it, and would be extremely excited to attend. The next tier that I’m applying to though are schools that I have yet to visit. This makes it a little more difficult because as I’m writing thoughtful essays, I like to envision myself being there. That’s hard when I’ve never been!

In that list is MIT, Berkeley, Tepper, and a couple others. I’m applying through the Consortium which not only makes the application process easier (basically like a common app for b-school) but includes the opportunity to be selected for a large fellowship. I don’t want to apply to too many schools though, I’d rather put more effort into a smaller number. That’s why I’m trying to see just the top four in person, and then maybe apply to a safety school or two.

Joe’s graduation reception for his master’s program was last night. Since we’ve transitioned from him being the student to me being the almost-student, he’s been super supportive. I explained that my most productive time is in the morning, so this whole week we’ve been getting up at 5 for me to get at least an hour in of application work before going off to work. And here I am… blogging.


2 thoughts on “The application begins…

  1. All the best for your applications.I did apply to 4 as well and it was rather tight ( got 1 admit ). However people usually say that you should apply to a minimum of 5 or 6 schools.

    1. Thanks for reading! I’m applying to all my top schools first round so if it doesn’t work out I’ll still have time to find a backup. Best of luck on your new blog! I’ll continue reading :)

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