Day 1 with Google Glass

Today was my first day of using Google Glass. I actually picked it up last night but was having this weird eye thing (gross, I know) and couldn’t wear contacts. So, this morning I popped in my contacts and finally got to explore through the world of glass.

I stayed with one of Joe’s friends last night – he turned out to be a pretty nice guy. He was walking me to the subway this afternoon and asked me what the over/under was on how long until someone asked me about them. I thought that within the hour someone would definitely ask, and if not, right away at my hotel. He bet on someone asking on the subway.

Three hours later, as I’m riding down the elevator from the rooftop bar, I’m finally asked about them for the first time. “What kind of glasses are those?” was the question. He was an old man and I had to explain the concept of it being mostly like a computer.

Next, I went to stalk the filming of Tracers starting Taylor Lautner because that’s the kind of thing I do. And now here is a whole semi-discrete camera on my face for filming said famous people – score.

I sadly couldn’t track him down, but someone quickly approached me “oh my god, can I take your picture? You’re the first I’ve seen!!” Never being one to turn down a photo op, I obliged. Next, I used it to flirt with the crew on set to try and get some word on when Taylor would be around… no dice.

My favorite part so far? I walked into a home store and the associate was like “Can I help you find…. omg, are those Google Glass? Kari, Sam, get over here!” And quickly it was like I was on display.

From a functionality stand point… still getting used to it. I mistakenly tried to “hangout” with my OKC circle when I was at the Google Glass Basecamp… what is an OKC circle you ask? It is a circle I used to hold all the men I met from OkCupid, which has since been deleted. Note: “edit undo” is not a Google Glass command.


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