The Cliché Experience: BlogHer13

I had a good time at BlogHer. I wouldn’t consider it life changing, but I wouldn’t call it a worthless experience. First and foremost, BlogHer is very different from any tech conference I’ve been to. Essentially the male to female ratio flipped and it was like: bam – all these people I don’t typically interact with. I knew this going in though, prepared for it, and was truly excited about it.

But then I remembered why I tend to get along with men better than women. No, why I get along with techies better than fashion and mommy bloggers (and I mean no disrespect here!). I’m self conscious more than anyone would probably expect. I have this lovely veneer of confidence that usually sustains me, but I need to have something to keep it up. It’s like the “fake it till you make it” saying, where, when everyone is talking about certain topics I literally have nothing to add more than a nod. So then I’m like “dang, I wish I could just sit here and look cute” but in reality I know everyone is looking at me like “omg, why are you even here.”

Another insecurity that surfaced at BlogHer? My loneliness, my strong desire to have a best friend with none to call my own. I truly enjoy the company of other women and am jealous of those that have just an über strong connection with someone nearby.

Then came in Google Glass. Anyone and everyone asked me about them. Remember in my last post when I said I liked the attention? Yeah, it turns out I only like that in small doses. It wasn’t bad when people were excited about it and wanted to try it on or something, I definitely welcomed that. What I hated was the “what is that on your face?” inquires. One, because that isn’t very nice to say and two because I don’t know how to talk to people that have lived in a cave for the last 6 months. And I’m an introvert and kind of just wanted to wander in peace.

It wasn’t all “woe-is-me” though. The sessions that I went to were really engaging and informative; the keynote speakers were inspiring and made me laugh. It was a really well organized event that ran smoothly from start to finish. I connected with a lot of passionate women who I will remain in touch with. And, because they are the ones that really made my BlogHer experience, they shall get special mention below (there were others too, but I lost their cards or didn’t get them maybe). Right now though, I’m just truly looking forward to a hug from Joe and quality time with my friends from college.

Day 1 with Google Glass

Today was my first day of using Google Glass. I actually picked it up last night but was having this weird eye thing (gross, I know) and couldn’t wear contacts. So, this morning I popped in my contacts and finally got to explore through the world of glass.

I stayed with one of Joe’s friends last night – he turned out to be a pretty nice guy. He was walking me to the subway this afternoon and asked me what the over/under was on how long until someone asked me about them. I thought that within the hour someone would definitely ask, and if not, right away at my hotel. He bet on someone asking on the subway.

Three hours later, as I’m riding down the elevator from the rooftop bar, I’m finally asked about them for the first time. “What kind of glasses are those?” was the question. He was an old man and I had to explain the concept of it being mostly like a computer.

Next, I went to stalk the filming of Tracers starting Taylor Lautner because that’s the kind of thing I do. And now here is a whole semi-discrete camera on my face for filming said famous people – score.

I sadly couldn’t track him down, but someone quickly approached me “oh my god, can I take your picture? You’re the first I’ve seen!!” Never being one to turn down a photo op, I obliged. Next, I used it to flirt with the crew on set to try and get some word on when Taylor would be around… no dice.

My favorite part so far? I walked into a home store and the associate was like “Can I help you find…. omg, are those Google Glass? Kari, Sam, get over here!” And quickly it was like I was on display.

From a functionality stand point… still getting used to it. I mistakenly tried to “hangout” with my OKC circle when I was at the Google Glass Basecamp… what is an OKC circle you ask? It is a circle I used to hold all the men I met from OkCupid, which has since been deleted. Note: “edit undo” is not a Google Glass command.

Still alive, I promise.

I didn’t get selected for the Emerging Writer Grant I applied for earlier this year. I’m disappointed for sure, but seeing as it is the only thing that got me to blog in the last two months, maybe it is a blessing in disguise.

I’m in Chicago right now for work. I got in last night. Timing wise it worked out, there was a women MBA panel hosted last night that I was able to attend.

The event was nice. I ran into someone I knew from last years’ Booth program, and I learned a little bit more about NYU Stern, Berkeley Haas, and a handful of others. I was surprised though, by how few people showed up. There was also a lot less mingling than I was expecting and hoping. I like chatting to people and learning more about their interests, where they are at in the process and where they are applying to. I think it also hurt that there was no wine or anything – everyone knows a little open bar loosens people up a bit.

The biggest take away I got? Take risks. Go for it. Don’t settle and it’s okay change. I’m not sure what I’ll do with this advice yet, but trust me, I’m thinking about it.