Homeowner’s first post

What is one supposed to feel after just signing for their first home? I don’t really feel anything. Not different, not some how more mature, just… the same. I’m excited, don’t get me wrong, but the actual signing of the papers was very anticlimactic for me. Joe and I each signed and dated about 50 sheets, shook some hands, and went on our merry way. Our realtor was more excited than me I think… but he is just generally a happy guy anyway.

So, obviously my first thought it that I’m a total weirdo for not being psyched. Friends and family have more enthusism for it than I do. It’s almost as if it just felt like the next step. Like, I’ve always known I would live downtown in an awesome condo, and now I’m just making my dreams a reality. Which… should make me feel ecstatic, but just feels underwhelming. Like, BAM, something I’ve been working towards and saving for is finally here and okay, now what? 

Joe just went to class, and I got a ride back to the hotel (the one we we are staying in because of the apartment flood) from our realtor. Now I’m at the bar eating a Caesar Salad because I have no kitchen.

Funny story: when we were getting our cashiers check at the bank yesterday, I happily looked at the teller and told him “we are going to buy a lot of drugs with this money!” After a few seconds of an awkward stare, I got a laugh. Joe was outraged. He is a little more tense in situations like that… and I guess I was too, which is why I had to make light of the situation  No worries, I set him straight that we were actually buying a condo instead of drugs.


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