KT write home.

Last week, I was sitting at the Dallas Fort-Worth airport on my way home from a business trip. Two co-workers and I were sitting at a restaurant, grabbing a drink and bite to eat before boarding. I was finally able to find some postcards at the airport – there weren’t any at the hotel or gas station. Sitting with my cocktail, I finally began to write.

Joe likes it when I send him post cards. Even though I was only gone for a night, and I was writing it on the way home so I would most defintiely beat it back, I think it mades him know I’m thinking of him too. Especially on trips where I’m so busy we don’t even talk on the phone. Well, we also aren’t good at talking on the phone with each other, so that plays into it.

Anyway, I was sitting there writing when I began to feel a little silly. Am I the only one that writes a postcard home on every trip? Was I trying to hold onto a shred of childhood that no longer existed? What is work/life balance and am I a fool for shooting for it?

2 thoughts on “KT write home.

  1. I used to write notes / letters home on hotel stationary when I’d travel. I usually arrived home before the letter, but it is a sweet way to let somebody know you are thinking of them. Plus, mail is so crappy as an adult, it is nice to get something fun. Mike and I are not good phone talkers either, when one of us is away, we only talk if there is something specific that needs to be discussed — otherwise we just text. Do whatever works for you, I say!

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