Immunity Necklace

Growing up, when ever I did something bad but felt so guilty I needed to tell my mom, I would ask for an immunity necklace. She would always grant me one, I’d tell her what I did wrong, and we would move on. Once and a while I’d get a sigh or a short lecture, but I think she valued my openness more than anything. Also, clearly I knew I had done something bad if I was asking for an immunity necklace in the first place… maybe she always felt I learned from my own mistakes. Which I did. Usually.

Then there are other times when you think about telling someone about something that you did. You play it through your head a hundred times. “How will they react? Mad? Indifferent?” “How much ‘cute’ should I lay on him?” Until finally it just comes out. Other times, you tell him in a blog post, like I just-so-happened to do with Joe when we were first dating. (See: An okay day in corporate land).

Which brings us to the today, where I need to tell someone something I’ve done. It isn’t bad. In fact, I think it is really awesome. But I’m nervous about it because I’m buying a condo and apparently I should be more fiscally responsible. Plus, it is probably mostly Joe’s fault anyway for even getting me started on twitter in the first place.

So what did I do? I backed a kickstarter. A kick-ass kickstarter. I backed the Veronica Mars Movie. [This is where Joe says to himself, “but Kate, I already knew you backed it, you told me yesterday”]. Now that I’m a “backer” though… I get all the update emails. Including the one that said they released more/new rewards for backers, including tickets to the movie premiere and after party. And luck would have it, that since I was at the gym like a good girl because I promised Joe I would go, I was on my iPad and saw the email come in right away.

On my sprint/slow walk back carefully, carefully considering what I was about to do… I tried calling Joe. Just to like, run it by him. But, he didn’t answer. And then I remembered I’m a big girl and don’t need to ask permission. So, in what some may call the heat of the moment, I pledged for that reward and am damn sure proud of it.

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