The Only Living Boy in New York

During my semester at NYU, I took a class titled “Museums and Galleries of NYC.” In the course of visting nearly a hundred museums and galleries, one artist stuck out to me. It was at this exhibition at the Sloan Fine Art Gallery – “The Only Living Boy in New York.” I fell in love with his work from the moment I saw it, and have been coveting a peice ever since (not a specific one… just something in general).

Chris Berens is his name. He is from the Netherlands. I’m not like an art connoisseur or anything (even though I did read Seven Days in the Art World), so I don’t have tons to say about his technique. It’s just something about his work that speaks to me.


One day I think I’ll stumble upon the most perfect piece, probably from his “Lion Heart” series. Because they are beautiful.

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