Moving on up?

Joe and I found our place. And by “found” I mean, feel totally in love with and now can’t wait for it to come on the market so that we can swoop it up. First, we went to a similar unit on a higher floor. It was alright. I liked it just fine, but there was so much green. The light was great, I count picture us living there.

Then we went down a floor to a smaller place. No sunlight, less storage, overall, not as awesome. So, the final stop was a unit just a couple floors below the first. I absolutely fell in love with it. It has all the awesome upgrades that the first lacked, it was painted a better color than green, and overall just fit.

I really don’t know what is next though. Because it still isn’t technically on the market, I’m not sure what the process is. Also, this is the first time either of us have gone through the home buying process so it is all very new and a tad intimidating.

Totes excited to see where it leads though…

I sent Joe a text. It is regarding the fact that the unit we looked at was a two bedroom rather than the one bedroom we had been considering. Then he wrote back. This is why I’m excited to buy a condo with him.


Speaking to myself…

Conversations with Kate. By Kate.

“Holy crap, why is my face so flushed? I’ve only had one drink over the last two hours.”

“Maybe it’s because you spent the last 40 minutes on a conference call in front of your light box. Did you forget it makes your cheeks pink?”

“Oh… I suppose I did forget. There should be a label on there or something. Like, ‘Time not to exceed 30 minutes’. Or, maybe just ‘don’t mix with alcohol’. Or, ‘only mix in small quantities. If the quantities of both are small’.”

“Yeah… the fact that I’m having this weird exchange with myself definitely sounds like a problem that needs to be blogged about.”

“But… then I would just sound like Jenny Lawson, aka The Bloggess.” [Yes, my mind said “aka” to itself].

“It’s okay to sound like her though… because, she’s awesome and maybe even the reason I started blogging anyway. And I’d rather be like her than anyone else really.”

And then it was blogged.

P.S. For those asking why “toilets” is tagged, it’s because this entire conversation transpired while I was on one.