Rabbit Holes

The last few days I’ve been writing feverishly. I’m in what I would call an all-out-attempt to write as much as I can before this month is over. I’ve even preemptively told Joe that instead of our date night being Friday this week (the last day of November) it would need to be Saturday.

This past weekend was lovely though. Joe didn’t have any school work to focus on so I mostly attached myself to him at the hip. Literally- I even helped him go to the bathroom. High five for crossing a new relationship line.


Yesterday I spent the day at a write-in at the library. I wrote about 4000 words, ranging from watching people OD on heroin to witnessing problems with alcohol abuse. This made the evening viewing of Denzel Washington’s Flight rather comical. For those of you who haven’t seen it, let’s just say it resonated with me.

As Joe and I were sitting outside of the theater for our friend to join us though, I was kind of in a crabby mood. I hadn’t eaten in a while and just not the most fun person to be around. Sometimes when I am writing, old emotions come back… So, to entertain ourselves, I read Joe excerpts of my diary from when I was in 7th grade. Because who doesn’t bring their 7th grade diary with them to the movie theater? Well, either way, it stirred up a lot of emotions, both in terms of my relationship issues and back when I was all suicidal and stuff. And then, all of a sudden, I stopped journalling for an entire year and don’t have record. I don’t remember what I felt entirely, but the few and far between entires are rather depressing.

In order to dig back up those thoughts, feelings, emotions, I decided to look into my old AIM logs. It took a while to find, but eventually I got the disk I had written everything to and Joe saved it for me because I do not have a disk drive anymore (because I live in the 21st century people). Because I am a horder, I have all conversations from about 2000 through 2006. Every person, every exchange. Let’s just say, I am allowing myself to go down a winding rabbit hole and who knows where it will lead. Its really a good thing I am such a pack rat though. I found an old mp3 file of the Rupert Intro Song. Good stuff, folks.

Anyway, I’m back on my desire to buy a condo. “Now is the time to buy” says everyone everywhere. And it probably is. So, I’ve told myself that I can buy one if I actually finish this book. And finish it I will.

One thought on “Rabbit Holes

  1. Want to buy a cute little house in S. Mpls lemme know – we’ll be selling either early Feb or in the summer, depending on what our relator thinks tomorrow when we meet with him. :-)

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