SAD Burned

Last week, I got my SAD light box. It came in the mail. It actually should have been delivered to the apartment, but because the office is lame and has been closed recently on weekends, the delivery folks dropped it off at the FedEx down the street and I had to lug it all the way home and it was like, 23lbs and I was in heals. I made it without falling, but had shaky arms for hours because I am a weakling.

Anyway, the light box is pretty neat. The first time I used it was two days after I got it. I was all like, weirded out, about needing/wanting one. Then this awesome blogger that I follow tweeted this:


Which leads you here: You and Lucy and Me Make Three. It is a blog post about how SAD light boxes are totally awesome and made me feel happy enough to use it. Strange how that works, huh?

Well, then the weekend came and I missed two days. I should have used it this morning but forgot because it isn’t a part of my normal routine yet. So, I used it when I got home. Except then I sat in front of it for way too long because I didn’t have the need to go to work to pull me away. And now I’m sun burned (SAD burned?). I shit you not.

I’ll still use it because it is awesome and I love it, but I will just need to remember that some things that make me happy are best in moderation. Like crack. I’m kidding, I’ve never done crack.

One thought on “SAD Burned

  1. I don’t kmow how i missed this one.what the hell? they can’t make a light that helps your derpression but yet kills you with skin cancer? Go figure…………. sunscreen? I think skin cancer would be MORE depression. I have know right to judge as I’m on 3 antidpressant and STILL can’t handle the short winter days.

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