Bar Food for Thought

I’m at the bar now. This isn’t the revolutionary part. I’m actually sitting in the middle of two couples on dates.

To the left, a man and a woman in their mid-thirties are enjoying their first date. I know it is the first because they have reviewed the man’s children’s names and ages. They talked about the small towns they went to for college and where their lives have taken them since. They have been sitting here longer than me (which is about ~2000 words worth of time) and are having what seems to me, a very pleasant date.

To my right, a couple closer in age to Joe and I sit. They are definitely in their twenties and only came in maybe a half hour ago. They have okay chemistry, but the guy is a douche and I’d like them to leave. Although he did pay, he took multiple phone calls and even checked his phone when the alert was just “eBay.” Conversation between them has been constant, but also rather drab and lacking of energy. It seems like they are just another date where he doesn’t fully treat her as he should and she takes it because she lacks the confidence to do anything different.

I understand the assumptions I’m making. I see that they are… a bit critical maybe. However, I just got out of my memoir class and I’m documenting the world around me as I see it.

I developed a crush on my bartender as soon as I got here. One of the only workers around, I just assumed she was the owner. She carries herself in a confidence that shows both comfort and proudness. I over heard that she has worked her for six years, since the place opened, and I was convinced she opened the place. However, when I asked her if they had a twitter handle she shrugged and said “I’d have to ask the owner.” So much inside of me deflated in that single statement.

I have nothing more substantial to add. These are just my perceptions of life.

P.S. I just picked the shit out of my lip and now my wine tastes like blood.

One thought on “Bar Food for Thought

  1. One of my biggest pet peeves is people messing with their phones when they are on a date. And it’s not just young people either. I was at a restaurant about a week ago and a couple that had to be in their late 50’s were each messing around with their iPhones throughout their whole dinner. It drove me crazy!

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