Thoughts on a plane

There isn’t much better in life than sitting on a plane, in first class that wasn’t paid for, sipping a blue moon in a glass, typing away on a MacBook Air, headed home after a really, really great weekend visiting a business school.

I had such an amazing weekend at Tepper. I met fascinating people, was inspired by the quality of peers I would have, and discovered a school I would have otherwise overlooked.

There are a lot of things that struck me the right way about Tepper. First, they place a great deal of emphasis on leadership qualities. I couldn’t really care less about product management – I want to lead and inspire others. They seem to embrace that. Next, Tepper is a really small school and reminds me a lot of Macalester. Even though each class has less than half that at Macalester, they place a lot of focus on clubs, extra curriculars, and volunteer work. Today, someone emphasized that it doesn’t matter if you have a 4.0 GPA if that’s all you’ve done. They are interested in rounded individuals and well, that’s exactly what I am!

Another thing that stood out to me is that I never felt intimidated. The other participants in the Diversity Weekend were great, but I felt on level with them rather than beneath. I remember over the summer when I felt intimidated by others. I don’t think the caliber of the students has changed though. I think the environment did. By not being at a competitive school where everyone is in it for themselves, I think I would really be able to form strong connections to people that I would one day want to work with. I think I’ve said this before but the benefit I’m really hoping to get out of business school is the network. The classes will be great and there are a lot of other components to business school that are appealing to me, but the people are what make the greatest impact on my day to day, and life to come.

Possibly most importantly, I learned about the Consortium program. This program, that has 17 member universities and over 80 corporate sponsors, gives applicants the ability to use a common application as well as apply for a fellowship. What I’m trying to say here is that if I were to get into one of the business schools within the Consortium, I could feasibly get a full ride tuition scholarship. I shit you not.

I think I’ve suggested my willingness to take out ~200k in loans in order to fund my MBA. I’m open to this not only because I’m crazy, but also because I understand my potential and known it’s a drop in the bucket compared to what I can earn in the future. So, when someone suggests that I wouldn’t have to take out these loans, or at least not the full amount, I’m like, “holy crap, it’s as if I’ve won the lottery.” When I first heard this I was like “omg, instead of paying for business school now I can just get a Maserati” [Holla T-swiz. Love the reference on your latest album!]. To which she responded “or like, 5 Toyotas, then you could give the excess to charity…” I didn’t say what I was thinking, but “hun, you and I are different people.” Don’t get me wrong, I give to nonprofits all the time. Macalester just hit me up the other weekend to increase my monthly donation (finally… I had been telling them for months that I just needed a call and I would increase…). But I also really want a Maserati. Specially, this one:

Anyway, this flight is out of Blue Moon now and I’m a little bummed. However, I gave Maggie shit about it and she took it like a champ, which makes all in the world alright. Then I asked her to marry me. She was recently divorced and can’t technically get married until after December, which I’m a little wary about because I don’t actually know the politics of divorce. However, she did politely decline by saying that her boyfriend Ryan would not approve. I at least gave her all 4 of my business cards though and she said she would send me an email. I hope she does. Less than three.

P.S. I now know why they don’t typically service glass on a plane. The lush in front of me just flung his across the aisle.

2 thoughts on “Thoughts on a plane

  1. Sounds like a gainful adventure Katie! You are someone special & deserve a school that can meet your requirements on point!

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