Alcohol and Interviews may not mix well

I don’t know when I will learn that I should not be going to interviews with alcohol in my system. Although it has never turned out poorly, I’m über nervous and hyper-sensitive about it. Take my former job as an example. I had a phone interview, for which I was a little nervous. I figured, that because I’m a better date while having a drink I would also be a better interviewer. Afterwards, I could safely say that was untrue. Not only does sarcasm not bode well over the phone, it probably has no place in a job interview.

A more recent example (and the reason I’m writing this post) is an interview I had for a fellowship I was a candidate for. The interview was at 7pm, and I had a team happy hour at 4:30. More than enough time to go an have a drink or two, especially when we also got appetizers, right? Wrong. Whether or not my actual performance was impacted I’m not sure… I’m going to guess not because I feel like it went well and I conveyed my strengths flawlessly. However… I knew about it. I knew I had had a drink and therefore was maybe not top notch. I also was worried that they could smell it on my breath and would be turned off by that.

I’ll ultimately wasn’t chosen for the fellowship, and even though their excuse was that I was overqualified, hopefully I can learn from this experience.

2 thoughts on “Alcohol and Interviews may not mix well

  1. Ya, I heard that once at an interview once so fuck them. I was expecting a baby boy so i swallowed my pride and got the next 3 jobs i applied for. joke was on me tho as i got a girl. Its ok. i grew to love her. A tad too much as i have been told. BLEBKE

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