Smitten with the Mellon

It’s hard for me to equate this specific experience of doing a business school visit to dating [see Business School = Online Dating]. Before coming here, I barely knew anything about Tepper, and yet, because they offered me a place to stay I flew half way across the country to get to know them. This is something you should never do when dating, or at least, is something I never did.

I only knew a little about Tepper and that was solely what I’d read online. I didn’t have any first hand experiences with them, other than the emails that they send me (which for a while there, were actually annoying and boarderline stalkerish – 4 a day, 7 in a week). Had it been a man, the emails definitely would have been a bright red flag that would have thwarted any visitation consideration.

Yet, here I am, smack dab outside of Pittsburgh with a group of 59 other prospective students. And, truth be told, this weekend couldn’t be going any better had I planned it myself.

Walking in, I was a little weary, but also kind of tired slash not really concerned too much. There wasn’t any nervous anticipation, what I might feel walking up to Stanford. By having no preconceived notions on the school, I put myself in a complete state of indifference. Shit, if things didn’t work out, at least I got to meet some interesting people and experience a weekend in a new place. Nothing to lose, no worries going in.

But, then things starting going really well. The first table I chose was three guys. I can’t imagine myself choosing any other, and I sat right across from a hottie. It was nice because he was a second year, but given when I want to start business school, him and I were similar in the number of years of experience beforehand. He also had a strong mathematical mind, and basically made me feel like the analytical side of Tepper was something that would really resonate with my skill set. Plus, he started a sentence with “well, if you get in…” and I’m like “hold up, I’m not concerned about that” to which he stated that he appreciated my modesty ;)

Turns out, this place is actually quite ripe with start-up companies and an entrepreneurial mindset. There are tons of tech companies in the area, many of which were started by Tepper Alum. Also, the school has a strong technology focus which is something that I am definitely interested in.

Also, it’s tiny. We were at the weekly Beers Social (I shit you not, the school funds a weekly beer social hour, complete with food) when I found a group of guys to chat with. I was standing in the corner like the awkward newb I was, when one came up and said “hey, are you a prospective?” We were getting the initial introduction-y stuff out of the way, when I told them I was from Minnesota. They were like “you gotta meet Chang!” introduced me to him, and it turns out there are 4 current students at Tepper who are from Minnesota. I have now met them all.

So, in short, small school, close community, some folks raved about the partners program and I talked to a few people who had come to Pittsburgh with their partner, which was awesome because they only had nice things to say. Good tech focus, tons of small start-ups in the area… let’s just say, I’m not ruling it out yet.


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