Pink Betty needs a cleaning

I’m thinking about getting my couch cleaned. Mainly because I read somewhere once that getting your couch professionally cleaned once a year helps make it a happy couch. That probably isn’t word-for-word what it said, but the sentiment remains: I should clean my couch.

This stemmed from me cleaning the house. After finally folding up the blankets that have been on the couch for weeks, I noticed there was a little spot on the middle cushion  To clean it, I just grabbed a washcloth, put a dab of water on it, and tried to rub it out. Well… when I checked back later it was just a bigger spot that wasn’t as dark. I take a lot of pride in my couch, as many of you know, and instead of attempting to do anything with cleaning products, it may just be easier to have someone else, who knows that the hell they are doing, come and do it for me.

Then I went and tried Angie’s List, because I think I hear commercials for them a lot so the name is in my head (damn effective marketing!). But, they charge a monthly fee. How much crap is that? I then went and did my own searching and found a couple local places. And more than just a couple really, I live in Minneapolis. So, I fleshed out the list a bit more and settled on two companies that are also like “green!” and “eco-friendly!” because I’m allergic to every chemical under the sun. I didn’t even click the link for “Chem-Dry” because the name is literally screaming chemicals…

If you have experience in getting couches cleaned, let me know. But, just randomly bring it up.. one might say nonchalantly. Meaning, don’t reference the blog. Then I will get creeped out and it will be funny.


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