Community: Found

Many things came out of this past weekend at She’s Geeky. First, I reinstated my mother’s blog commenting privileges. I took them away when she began using it as a text messaging system (“call me!”), but realized I’m not getting enough comments as it is so I should be thankful for those that I do get. That, and someone in my “I blog… now what?” session said her comments add a dimension to my story, and hey, if it’s what the readers want…

Next, and clearly this is coming up in order of importance, I was offered the Interim Managing Director position for Girls in Tech. I accepted it without hesitation, and am really excited to get started. However, the exchange also marked the second time in 24 hours that I had been labeled “green.” I’m not arguing the validity of the statement, but rather commenting on how it always seems that once you learn a word, it comes up more and more. I suppose the fact that I just learned its meaning adds justification for being labeled so. This is just even more reason to fully take advantage of this opportunity and show folks what I can do :)

Lastly, I met amazing, amazing women. Sometimes I feel that I need to travel to the ends of the country to be connected with people that are truly inspiring and making a difference. Truth is, it’s always in our own backyards, we just have to look. This is the community that I have been looking for and yearning for ever since I graduated from Macalester. It feels so great when everything falls into place… yet a bit overwhelming at the same time. Good thing I also know I’m not alone in that sense too :)

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