Kate’s Geeky

Today was day 1 of the two day She’s Geeky Unconference. Having just spent the first part of the week at a conference, I was worried I would be a little conferenced out. I also had no idea what to expect – would all the session topics be über geeky or over my head? Am I a different kind of geek that doesn’t relate to other female geeks? Turns out, I’m not, I’m just like everyone else and it is really awesome because they are awesome.

The day started out with short introductions, including reasons each of us considers ourselves geeky. I explained that my action figure collection, including me counting down the days to the Andrew Bell Android Series 3 release, mades me a geek.

Next, the facilitator threw a big stack of construction paper on the ground and told us to go at it. We were to list any and all topics we wanted to discuss throughout the day. I didn’t suggest any topics… mainly because it was my first time and I didn’t even know where to begin.

There were probably about 60 people there. After everyone wrote their topics, we went around the circle and read them aloud. I got really excited super quickly because there were tons of topics that piqued my interest. Android v. iPhone? Table Top games? What to do when you are a female manager with only male direct reports who won’t respect you? How to build a solar usb charger? Let’s just say, I felt right at home and my excitement was growing exponentially (get it? Heh, heh…).

Overall, the day was great. I didn’t mesh with all the personalities there, which is good, because not everyone thinks or acts the same way. I also saw a lot of people that I’ve met from other places, like the Minnesota Bloggers Conference. See, I’m so inspired that I even came home and blogged even though it has been a shit long time since I have done so and I feel guilty.

Tomorrow is day two. I hope I get a really good nights’ rest again because I’m still a little tired from my conference earlier this week (staying up till four and getting up at seven will do that to you). I may even suggest a topic. Maybe about blog writing… or using wordpress :)

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