From Hot Glue Guns to…

When I was in middle school, I carried a hot glue gun with me at all times. Just before this started, someone had asked if I had one. Being the sarcastic seventh grader I was, I said “oh yes, I have one right here in my back pocket.” I then realized how funny that would have been, and decided that going forward I would never leave home without a hot glue gun again.

Well, that only lasted for about 3 years. I got sick of carrying it with me and never being asked again if I had one. I think word got out and therefore everyone conspired to never ask me for one. Even though the hot glue gun went away, the sentiment never did. Ever since then, I like to be the one that is prepared, thinking of any possible need before it actually arises.

So, after years of questioning why I’ve been moving around a spare keyboard that I asked for for Christmas in 2005 but never actually used, it finally came in handy. I was just a year away from making the transition from desktop to laptop, and haven’t looked back. Yet, the keyboard is actually really cool; it is a backlit keyboard where you can change the color of the backlights (red, blue or purple). You would love it.

Anyway, after months of chomping away on the loudest keyboard in man’s history, Joe looks up and asks “does my keyboard bother you?” To which I replied honestly, “it only sounds like nails on a chalkboard my love.” He was supportive though “oh, I guess I should start thinking about getting a new one.” I blank stared for a while, thinking if I still had it, when I finally pinpointed its location. I knew it was in the basement storage unit in my apartment, and it just happened to be the second tub from the top. We ran down there, and let’s just say, you’d think I’d have gotten him a new Christmas puppy “oh my gosh, I have never had a keyboard this wonderful and new in my whole entire life.” Mission. Accomplished.

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