Puppy puppy puppy

I want a puppy so bad. I would name him Chrome or Charlie and he would be the cutest puppy in the whole entire world. In a recent post I talked about how much a puppy would make me happy, and he totally would. I’ve done further research into the subject though and I picked out the exact kind I want so now I’m even more excited about getting a puppy.

There are so many open questions though. Did you know that puppies are really expensive? First, the puppy I ultimately decided on is a tiny mini golden doodle. Here is a good cute picture of one to get us on the same page:

aaaaaaawwwww!!! Isn’t he the cutest thing in the world that kind of looks like a stuffed animal? He is only the low low price of like, $2500 to get him from a breeder. Joe says that is a shit ton to spend on a puppy, but I counter that with “but is it too much to spend on your best friend?” That put a stop to that discussion (for now probably).

Next is the minor detail that the apartment we currently live in doesn’t allow puppies. This would mean we need to move some place that allows puppies. Fortunately, I found this wonderful new apartment building that is just being built right now! 222hennepin.com is where you can find more deets, but the gist is, it is no longer of a commute to work, it will be directly on top of a Whole Foods, and they have a leash-free doggy zone! Draw backs though? Rent is more expensive, and we would need to move. Lets approximate it at $500 more per month, taking into account the differences in parking, utilities, etc. For additional costs of the application, moving, and the new (bigger) security deposit: $3,000.

Then, I also hear one is supposed to feed their dogs too, so, I Googled “cost of a puppy first year” and came a quote of $1100-3500 for the first year (thanks to the lovely folks at About). Let’s be honest here, Chromy deserves the finer things in life, so the figure will be towards the $3500 side.

All in all, 15k for the first year if I can handle math after my morning mimosa. But, there are still more things to consider. Do I want to go to grad school with a puppy? What happens to Charlie in the case of a break up? What about my pink couch that I love so much? Will he bite it? What if we need to go on vacation? We’ll have to get a puppy sitter and it isn’t like we would have money for a vacation anyway after how much he is going to cost. Agck! I didn’t even consider the costs of puppy classes! Oh, wait, I guess About.com figured that in. High five!

43 thoughts on “Puppy puppy puppy

  1. YES! That is the cutest puppy ever! What breeder did you use if you don’t mind telling a total stranger? I’m a stay at home mom looking for a goldendoodle puppy…..

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