Teaching Pinterest to a…

I just had one hell of a time explaining Pinterest to my mother. She is planning on building a new house, and she messaged me the other day asking me to be her interior designer. However, when she said “I don’t want none of that Crate and Barrel or Ikea crap,” I realized I had no idea what she wanted (and nor did she). Is this not similar to saying “I don’t want any of that filet mignon or chicken mcnuggets crap”? This is an easy problem to solve in this day and age though, because Pinterest was created for this exact reason. So I thought to myself, “well, she could just create a Pinterest board of all the things she wants for her place so I can get a rough idea of the style, etc.”

You would have thought I asked for her kidney. To throw away. She would give me a kidney if I needed one, no problem, but no, I was asking her to throw one away. After talking her off the ledge, I described that it is a website, similar to facebook where one can share photos they find online. You “pin” things that you like to your “board” and can add comments to them.

To which she responded “wouldn’t it be easier if I just told you ‘hotel lobby’?” No, mom, no it would not. Then she suggested I just come and stay with her for a week and we go shopping and pick out the stuff together. I nearly had a heart attack thinking of all the ways one of us wouldn’t make it out of that scenario alive.

I tried to make it as easy as possible. First, go to facebook. Log in. Then, in the address bar where you type the website, type in pinterest.com. You can choose to login with your facebook account, meaning you don’t have to register and remember a new password or anything. This part pleased her.

She couldn’t try it today though. Maybe she will do it tomorrow. We’ll see. If anything ever comes of it, you better believe I’ll share the board on here.

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