My Boba Adventure

I think that I’ve drinken to much because I’m really very tired and I have the sniffles. The sniffles aren’t necessarily related to the drinking, but the fact that I have been drinking means that I believe both statements belong in one sentence.

Yesterday I was walking through the IDS center when I stumbled upon a yogurt shop. I don’t know the name of it, but it is one of those super awesome grab your bowl, fill it up with everything you want, pay one low price by the ounce type of places. And in this shop? They definitely have bobas. I only know this because I stopped in to see what they had… specifically interested in some chocolate + gummy bear combination only to be surprised by the one item eluding my drunken stupers. By this, I mean that I have been coveting a boba cocktail for months.

It first started at this tweet: I was all like “oooooh, I totes think bobas should be in cocktails” and then went to Google – only to be severely disappointed. This led me to believe that the only way to get a boba cocktail was to go to the UK. But that seemed to be a lot more spendy than just buying my own pale of bobas. But a whole pale seemed like a lot and I only needed a couple.

Please hold, Joe is talking to me about MMO games. Like Eve. I am faking interest. Oh good, he is done.

And then I found it. I found the bobas in the IDS center. It was like one of the moments that a shining sliver of light comes from the clouds er… ceiling… to sparkle upon the moist bubbles of juicy joy. [I’m going to get so many hits for that sentence]. So, I grabbed a cup inside the yogurt shop, scooped some bobas, paid my $1.42, and was on my way.


Once I got home, I let them sit in vodka for about an hour. Mainly because it was only 4pm and I wasn’t even yet in the mood to drink. Later though, I poured them into a martini glass, topped it off with the rest of a nearly empty can of red bull, some more vodka, and a splash of orange juice. This is what I came up with:


Oooohhh… such pretty colors with balls at the bottom. And oooooh, what a cute laptop case and ooooohh what nice frames you have on the wall.

It was tasty. The balls were really squishy and perfect and bursted at just the right application of pressure. I may have bought too many balls though because I have been sucking down this same martini glass (since refilled with vodka + orange juice ~3 times) for hours.

Final verdict? I’ve had many great ideas throughout my lifetime, and I may say this a lot, but this may be one of my best ideas ever. Seriously. My newest thing in stopping by the yogurt shop for bobas on my way home.


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