I am turning into everything I never wanted to be all over again.

And sometimes I make huge sweeping statements that are really an over reaction. I can’t decide which piece is an over reaction here though. I feel stuck in the middle. A while back I probably read a statistic about the number of hours spent in front of a TV being inversely related to level of intelligence or likelihood of success. This caused me to stop any and all association with TV. I sold my TV, rid myself of internet, and basically lived like they did in the twenties because I felt this would increase my chances of being intelligent and successful.

Then I decided to move in with Joe. Prior to the actual move-in date, I said things like “limit me!” “I have a problem, don’t let me fall into that hole again,” in an effort to protect myself from whatever weaknesses I possess. Yet, Joe failed (miserably, I might add) because now he is in grad school and I spend most of his class time with either a drink in hand or on the couch streaming Netflix. Usually both.

Does wasting time in front of the boob-tube (hey, I gotta get the site visits where I can find them…) make me less of a human being? Probably not. Does it make me less suicidal by keeping me entertained through the boring times? Probably. Will it affect the likelihood of me being successful in life? This is where the jury is still out. I’m leaning towards not, because, as luck would have it, I have no material without TV. [As evident by the third paragraph in the post Moving In!] More importantly, I bet people like Mary Midgley, Marissa Mayer, Mary Meeker, and McKayla Maroney watch tv, and they are pretty cool. [And now I need to change my name to start with the letter M.]

On an unrelated note, I had my first Girls in Tech meeting today. I’m the newest PR/Social Media chair. I’m pretty excited about it. Everyone seems pretty cool, and I really liked the director when I met her, so if the rest are cool like her, I think we will get along well. I hope that my sarcasm will play; if not, it will make for many awkward moments… at least 10.

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