A stab to the heart

Uhh! I just stabbed a man in the heart. Not literally, my lawyer has told me not to discuss ongoing cases, but in the figurative way. I’ll start from the beginning.

After work today, I met with my brand manager. We met to go over the redesign of my blog, and while it isn’t done yet… I will just say, keep an eye out for an inconspicuous penis. Because well, this is my blog after all.

After that, I went to a MBA program overview. Even though I’ve more or less semi-narrowed down my application list, I still entertain other schools. Meaning, if a top 15 is coming to town and offering to buy me drinks to listen to their spiel, I’ll bite.

It was actually really nice. While I don’t think that specifically this particular program is right for me, I can’t turn down the institution as a whole. More importantly, I met some really interesting people that have either attended B school, recently gotten in, or have lived a long enough life to where they are the kind of person I trust on some of the things they say. Unless it’s totally negative and in the realm of “uggghhh, never go to b-school because you’ll never earn a return on your investment, etc.” Because, well, they don’t understand how awesome I am and that I’m more likely than others to excel.

Anyway, flash forward to a little later in the evening and I’m walking out. This man walks out with me and we end up chatting the entire walk home. I emphasize “entire” because it was one block. He had been through law school, done the whole real estate thing, and now (umm.. in his late 50’s?) is considering business school. He name-dropped a couple of Macalester folk so I know he’s been around the block.

I always like getting people’s perspective on life. Everyone does it differently, yet, somehow it seems that we often find ourselves at the same conclusion. He got married in his early 30’s, had children before she had reached her 40’s (this was brought up in reference to me being interested in b-school now so that I can get married after and still have 5 years of being happily married before becoming infertile…) and still found himself divorced. His perspective was that it is more important to invest time/energy in finding a partner than it is to focus on business school. Where is this coming from? Years of fricken experience, that’s where.

After we had been chatting for a while, we parted ways and he asked me my name. I said “Kate” and to that, he grasped his chest and said “ugh, you just stabbed my heart.” I interpreted that to mean “Kate” is also his ex-wife’s name.

Anyway, I withdrew my $150 from the bank this morning to bribe Joe into forcing me to write. Meh heh heh. If tonight taught me anything it is that I need to be more active and involved in my community than I am currently. Get er done.

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