Rawrrrrr Stanford

Raaaawwwrrrrr I want to go to Stanford so bad. Like, rrrraawwrrrr I can do this and it is going to be AWESOME.

Everything I heard from the panel of students/alumni made me love it more and more. From the non-competitiveness to the idea that they take people for who they are rather than what they know. I know a lot, and I know this, but I also have a crap-ton to learn and I want Stanford to be the place I do it.

When I started thinking about business school a while ago, I was bogged down by choosing a concentration or a particular area of study. I’m not going to business school to be an expert in finance or marketing, but rather, I’m looking to get a holistic view of business in general, with an even greater focus on the human component. As my readers know, I’ve done a lot of self discovery lately, and more importantly have begun appreciating/respecting who I am more and more. I have a specific style, with my sarcasm, shyness, and also a great ability to make others feel at ease when meeting 1:1. I want to focus on honing who I am, how I connect with others, and how I can enrich the lives of those around me.

Anyway, its time for bed, but just wanted to get these last minute thought out :)


2 thoughts on “Rawrrrrr Stanford

  1. Its strange how you end up writing out the same thoughts that have been echoing in my mind for quite some time! I am totally with you on the position that there has to be a balance between the need of a B-school (get really accomplished and know-it-all students)and need of an aspiring B-School student(want to accomplish and know-it-all).

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