Girls in Tech

So I went to a networking thing tonight that I just heard word of two days ago. It was called Girls in Tech, and it was about as exciting as it sounds. (Which is a lot, for those of you who are misreading this/aren’t into tech).

First I got there and it was hella-awkward because I knew no one and… didn’t even know where the event was necessarily being held. It was at a bar, but I wasn’t sure if the party I was walking up to was the party I thought. Everyone had name tags on though, and they were all women, so, what’s the worst that could happen right?

Turns out, it was definitely the right group. Apparently there aren’t hoards of nerdy girls just roaming around, sadly. As I sat there twiddling my thumbs I was thinking of all the crafty tweets I could write about the irony of it being awkward. I’m glad I didn’t though because women shouldn’t be awkward around each other and I wouldn’t want to perpetuate that myth.

I eventually made some small talk with folks (after my beer arrived, of course). Soon, the hosts/the board did a little welcome/announcements type thing. That was the best part because A) Now I know about She’s Geeky; B) I heard from someone who is running for NSTIC Mayor, which is totally up Joe’s alley; and C) I got to have some nice opening lines for going up to people “oooh, you’re on the board? How fascinating!”

They also mentioned they are looking for a PR/Social Media person, so I said, sign me the shit up. Really though, I went up after things were clearing out and I asked how many people had approached them about the gig. This helped to finalize my game plan. Because their answer was “zero” I went in strong saying how interested in it I am and the fact that I need more awesome stuff to be involved with. I got business cards and will be shipping an email out shortly.

Yet, the two women I approached at the end? Absolutely awesome. They are video game people. And I’m like, omg! I went to a liberal arts school and no girls there liked video games. I walked away thinking I had just found my new bffs – but I won’t come on too strong, I promise.


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