I’ve made it quite a while without writing any significant references to baseball. The reason for this? I’m not a fan and I never have been. Insert Joe here. He comes in, is all like “oh I’m so awesome and hot, and I love baseball, will you be my girlfriend?” and of course I said yes because he is awesome and hot, and I took the baseball part as a minor flaw, but workable. Then I got to know him better and realized that he lives, breathes and sleep baseball. I support it, the best a gf can, but I definitely don’t do anything to encourage it. So why am I sitting here at Wrigley Field you ask? Because I drank the mother f’in Kool-Aid, that’s why.

I can’t say necessarily when my interest in the sport began… probably sometime in between meeting Aaron Gleeman and realizing that there are actually really cool mathematical elements to the sport. “Okay, okay, I’ll bite” I said, and began asking more and more questions each game I attended. Over time, I picked up a thing or two.

Flash forward to my Booth program in Chicago, when during the last week we were given the opportunity to meet Tom Ricketts. In anticipation of this occasion, I asked Joe what I should him talk to him about. He mentioned that they recently brought on Theo Epstein as President, who was the former GM of the Red Sox (and I think had two world series under his belt?), and actually traded a prospect for him. The idea of trading players for executives is something that is clearly intriguing to me, so I was able to ask about that. Even though I got a question wrong (what’s the league minimum? – I said $400k), I was probably one of his favorite people in that audience, but to be fair, most of them had never seen a baseball game in their life.

Now I’m at Wrigley field and I actually have an opinion regarding the quality of it (Target Field is so much better!). I’m also the person people are looking to for baseball help, which is blowing my mind in a number of ways.

I gave Joe hell for not updating me on the increase in league min- he said when I got home he will give me an update on all the new CBA rules… and I’m actually excited. What is this world coming to?

2 thoughts on “Baseball.

  1. Oh, if you like the math stuff, you should watch Moneyball (or read it). Great movie. I didn\’t give a shit about baseball either, until I met Mike, and he\’s such a sports nut in general, that i had to pick… and I at least understand how baseball is played (vs. football), and can appreciate the romantic / Field of Dreams nature of the sport. Now I\’m kinda into it, because we go to Twins games a lot. :-) Also, the book \”The Art of Fielding\” is excellent, sort of Catcher In the Rye\’esque, long and slow, just like the game.

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