Chicago, day unknown

First, I updated the Random Thoughts post with the toilet stall pictures.

Next, Joe came to visit me this last weekend! It was super amazing as I missed him a bunch. On Friday night he got in late so we just went out for a drink with my roommate and then went to bed. It was lovely to get a back rub and to cuddle :)

On Saturday we went out for breakfast and it was super awesome. We had french toast and I had two cups of coffee. After that, Joe worked on his paper for a while and I went with my program group on a architectural boat tour. I had already been on it before, but this one had different content so it was actually really neat. Plus, the weather was perfect so it was nice to sit outside for a while.

After that, Joe and I went to navy pier and went on the big circle up in the air thing. I forget what it is called. FERRIS WHEEL! Yes. We went on the Ferris Wheel. Joe is usually a pussy with heights, but I think he sucked it up because it was so romantic to see the skyline… city scape… lights… etc, at night. After that, we walked to a bar, Gilt, because a coworker of mine invited me to come hang out.

I was expecting it to be a dive bar, but it turned out to be pretty nice. I explained to the hostess we were meeting a group, and then I texted my coworker. Turns out, his group was in the basement in the private event space… Hmm.. interesting. So, we get down there and he comes over to greet me(us). He was like “Hi!! So nice to see you… who is this?” “This is Joe! Joe, meet ‘coworkers’ name'” Hi, hi, great to meet all. He brings us into the party, and it turns out it is a wedding reception. In that, someone just got married that day and now Joe and I were crashing the party. After we randomly were introduced to the bride, we made it to the bar and got our drinks. Then, the conversations went more like this:

Coworker: So, are you guys like… old friends or something? How do you know each other? Did you just run into each other?

Joe: We are dating, we live together. I flew out for the weekend to be with her

Coworker: Ahhhhhh you are dating. And live together. Interesting.

It was really kind of awkward, but Joe and I played it cool (as cool as Joe and I can play it). When my coworker went to the bathroom, Joe just looked at me and said “soo…. did you know that this guy was into you?” Absolutely not! I thought this was just a casual “oh, we are both in the same town let’s grab a drink” type thing.

Anyway, Joe and I proceeded to hang out with this guy for the duration of our respective drinks. He proceeded to tell us 1) about how rich he is 2) how awesome he is and 3) that there really is a nice six pack under his baby fat. To show how much muscle he is made of, he lifted Joe. It was really making us a laugh a little too much, seeing as we were making a scene at the bar of the wedding reception we were crashing and all.

Not too long later, we made our way out of there and on to the next bar. Devon. It was fantastic. We just sat at the bar for almost two hours chatting. It was really, really nice. We started planning out our vacation that we have been saving up for. Not sure where, but somewhere over winter break would be lovely. Also, we are going to have a “Joe and Kate are living together party!” when I return, which should also be a grand ole’ time.

Today, my roommate and I were doing homework and we decided to go out for dinner. We just went to a small burger joint M Burger. It was super tasty, one might even say epically better than Epic Burger. After we ordered, I noticed that they sold beer too. I was like “oh! I didn’t even realize” but it was okay because we were doing homework. However, when I looked at the menu and realized the plethora of floats they had, I had to ask “hey… do you guys do beer floats?” It wasn’t technically on the menu, but they had to, right? Turns out, I’m like one of the only people that has ever asked them so they were all like “I tried it once, but it was too hoppy. Please, on me” and handed me a free beer malt to try. Hellz, yes. It was awesome and I’ll be going back again and again.

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