To Chicago

I’m at the airport now waiting for my flight to O’Hare. I have a bit of a stomach ache this morning as I ate like a total fat kid at the park last night (and the bar after). It isn’t a hangover tummy ache though, because I didn’t drink a lot? I drank just like a normal person actually. I’m sipping a coffee now, that will help calm my nerves, right?

I’ve been promoted to first class for this flight. First, that means that I get to check both my bags for free (as opposed to only checking one for free). It also means that I get “priority” stamped on my bags and also on my ticket so I get all the cool people lines. Except, I’m a dipshit and went to the wrong security check point because they didn’t even have a priority line there.

My mom had a second surgery yesterday, still to correct things in her hand from her fall. She was very weird before going in, sending me cryptic text messages. She was convinced that she was dying. She doesn’t have surgery enough for me to really remember if she’s ben like this before, but she wanted to make sure she had all of her affairs in order. I’ve been instructed to pay off the loan she still has to her mom, and share the life insurance checks with Curt so he doesn’t have to work for the rest of his life.

I think I’ve mentioned before that my mom has a tendency to buy people off. Whether she feels guilty or just truly believes that personal relationships can be mended by money, I’ve always known the the more she wants to please, the more money slash gifts she gives. True to her nature then, I’ll probably be getting a stack of cash when she croaks. I’m of the philosophy that life insurance is to cover the costs of burial and help a family were there to be a decrease in income. What I mean to say is that I shouldn’t be counting the days till I get a sudden influx of money because she no longer supports me (which I’m not). Yet, I’m anticipating it happening, hopefully she doesn’t have a lot more debt than she alluded too.

I’m nervous for Booth. I think that is where a bit of my tummy ache is coming from too. It’s a pretty big deal, the school and all, and this will be an amazing three weeks of opportunity. I’ll meet tons of people and learn a lot- and that feels… intimidating maybe? I’m a little concerned that this dress I’m wearing for the flight is too low cut- it use to fit me differently when I was 50lbs heavier and now that I’ve lost a bit of my boobs, it shows a lot of chest. I was scrambling this morning though- I packed all my good stuff and forgot to leave something for me to wear today! Hopefully it doesn’t cause me to make a bad impression. Joe said I looked nice at least.

Note to self: Upset stomach + Coffee = bad idea. Yet, I continue to drink it. Even though I’m getting warm, from a combination of the nerves, the coffee, and having a warm computer on my lap.

Well, alright, I just heard there are three babies on the flight. Hopefully they are not in first class. Or, if they are, they are at least cute. Mresh, with me luck :)


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