Chicago: Day 1

I made it to Chicago! It was so beautiful rolling in, and I had a pretty nice cab driver. He listened to baseball the whole car ride so I felt right at home. He also explained to me that State St. is “zero” as far as addresses go, which has already come in handy more than once. I got checked in just in time to make it over to lunch and orientation. After I started meeting everyone, I got a little more nervous. I fricken suck with names. However, I have… 2 of my 3 roommates names down so far.. But maybe thats just because they both start with a “k”. The buildings are all really nice, which I found surprising. I love the location, just a block off of the Magnificent Mile. This could get dangerous if I’m not careful…

During the orientation, the program directors stressed many rules of conduct. I got the sense that they have had some bad experiences in the past, which is too bad. They stated, multiple times, the importance of being on time, being respectful to presenters (eye contact, paying attention and being engaged), and conducting ourselves in a professional manner. It has been a while since I have been treated like a student and it really made me question what they have experienced. One story I pulled was that after a company visit, a student followed an employee out to their car to press for a job or something. No crap you don’t stalk a potential employer!

However, a girl in my program was nice enough to point out that things are just different in different countries, and what I might take for the norm here is completely new to someone else. Point taken Kate, remember to keep an open mind!

Dinner was at Carmine’s and it was amazing. It was like a 16 course meal, complete with calamari and bruschetta, anti-pasta, salmon, chicken, broccoli, and 3 types of dessert. The salmon was the best I ever had. I really should have taken pictures… I’ll have to remember that more. I also liked how slow the service was (only due to the fact that we were a party of 50!!) because it really gave me the opportunity to enjoy each course. Definitely a place I would recommend!

Once I got home I felt über tired. I was all like “awww, I miss Joe so much!” and I really just wanted to talk to him and then go to bed. But, then I realized I need not be a lame face in Chicago, on my first Saturday in town. Hence, I went out with my 3 roommates to scope out the area. We ended up grabbing a drink at TWELVEWEST. It was a rando place we stumbled upon but it ended up being perfect. The mood was great for 4 girls just getting to know each other, and there was live music in the background (playing fun cover music!). I got my $4 bottle of 312 and thoroughly enjoyed talking business school with people who are in the exact same boat (even if one suggested I retake the GMAT).

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