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So it turns out that some people are upset with me for what I blog about. I’m not really sure who or why, or even if they really are (this isn’t making for a good story, is it?). I’ll start from the beginning. A few months ago, I got a couple text messages from my mom. She said she heard that I had been “dissing” her and wanted to know what I had said. When I called her back, she referenced my blog and I assumed she found it and read it. All was well and good because now she would be up to date on things in my life. I was never concerned about her reading anything I wrote.

Flash to her visiting 2 weeks ago and having a recollection of my interest in Stanford. I figured this meant she read my blog and was using it as a tool to stay up to date on my life. This is a positive thing because it cuts down on the number of times I have to tell her the same things.

Flash to about 20 minutes ago and I get a phone call from her asking what I’ve been saying about her online. I wasn’t exactly sure what she was referencing so I said “hmm… a lot? I’m not sure what in particular you are asking about.” Beyond my blog, nothing is said about her and, well, she reads it so she should be up to date on what I say here. Turns out she hasn’t returned to my blog since she found it the first time, but others brought it up to her. In particular, she referenced an aunt and cousin of mine that basically said “what the fuck!?” to things that I had written (her words). It was then suggested to her that she disown me for the way I talk about her online to which she said “but I love my baby so much I couldn’t not stalk her.”

I again explained to her (as I had the last time we discussed it) that I don’t write anything that I don’t already say to her face. I then reminded her of the URL and told her to catch up on it herself if she would like. However, this is less about the relationship between my mom and I and more about other people having a problem with what I write. Anyway, if family members are upset with what I have to say online, then that sucks. But I’m not going to change the fact that I use blogging as a tool to speak my mind and as a source of healing and comfort. Still, I’m not going to let it affect any of my relationships with family because I know how stories can morph as they go from mouth to mouth. C’est la vie.

On another note, I miss Joe. He is always sitting back in his office working on homework for his masters program and I’m getting a little lonely. I know he is not here to entertain me… but I still feel sort of neglected. My fear is that it will become a habit and turn into a way of life even after he is done with his program. I did get flowers though…

Aren’t they super pretty? They were delivered to me at work on Friday. It was like, the best day ever. Until Saturday, because Saturday we celebrated our one year anniversary. In the morning we went down to Burnsville to finally check him out of his old apartment. He’s actually going to get some of his deposit back too! We stopped by Target on the way to get donuts and I was ALSO able to get an awesome new giftcard that I have been hunting down. High five!

When we got home Joe went to focus on some homework and I went to get my pedicure and then some coffee. Soon it was pretty much almost time for our romantic dinner at the Melting Pot, which turned out to be really fricken awesome. My favorite part was obviously the chocolate fondue at the end, but the beer cheese fondue was also extremely awesome. And the pork and chicken. And all the different sauces we got to try.

We got home at like, 10pm and were pretty stuffed and then passed out. It was seriously awesome.


3 thoughts on “Awesome stuff

  1. My first time here… Found you on the lawsbians goodreads thing.

    I’ve been there, both with the family issues and with the hubby stuff.

    About the family stuff – The way I see my family and the drama that occurs is that I will love my family no matter what… no matter what they do or say. I will love them and be here for them whenever they need me. I expect to be treated the same. Regardless of hurt feelings or how someone else interprets what I say or do… I will love and hope to be loved in return. Too many families are all about judging. Those in your family who JUDGE you need to back off and realize it’s not their place or responibility to judge. It’s their job to love. Regardless of whether they do their job or not… do yours. It’s all you can do.

    The hubby thing – I’ve been there, sitting feet away from my hubby while he did homework for school, and still feeling so distant and alone. It’ll get better. One thing to remember (even if you have kids or after you have kids) is that your relationship needs to be a priority. In my case, me and hubby now have 2 kids. They’re 3 and 5 and my life revolves around them. It got to the point where it was damaging my relationship with the hubs. We both had to take a step back and realize that we still had to work at our marriage… we always will. It takes effort. It takes CONSCIOUS effort. It’s not about the quantity of time either… we could spend all day together and never really connect. You’ve got to try, even if just for a second. Our trick is to play Yahtzee in bed at night. Sounds stupid, but it’s easy to play in bed, and we end up turning off (or atleast down) the TV and talking to each other and enjoying each other. You’ve got to find something like that to keep you connected to each other when you’re both running in a million different directions.

    Anways… just my two cents. Sorry to write a novel.

    1. hey to whoever posted that families should just love hit the nail on the head . our family as in Kates n mine are weird. my mom told me she loved me 2 times in 45 years. everything Kate says about her crazy mother is true. i am a product of my enviroment. i love my Katie so much n tell her so everytime we speak. i dont even have a job and my boyfrind pays all my bills n keeps me in pocket cash. sorry Kate. TMI

  2. I have been through a lot in terms of my various blogs over the years and things I may or may not have said that hurt people. I made mistakes — it sounds to me like you have not made mistakes, because you told your mom straight up the URL to your blog. The lesson I learned the hard way was to not write anything about somebody else that you don’t want them to read. I had a major falling out with a friend based largely on something I wrote — that wasn’t the only thing, but was kind of the straw that broke the camel’s back. We didn’t speak for 5 years because of it, and it sucked a lot. We made up about 2 years ago, thankfully, but it was hard.

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