Day 5: Your definition of love

I don’t really want to write, but stupid make-believe obligations are forcing me too. I went to Snow White and the Huntsman today, and it was actually really good… but, it is almost midnight (and by almost midnight I mean 11pm) and I am exhausted. Alas, I am a blogger, and well, that means I must blog, or something like that.

This entry is a part of my 30 day character challenge and does not actually reflect who I am or the thoughts that I have. Please see the introductory blog post for more information. 

Love is always something that has eluded me. I see it in others, and I think about wanting it too, but I’m not sure I deserve it. I don’t know if I don’t deserve it because I can’t give it out, but if it is because I don’t even love myself. Stupid sappy movies say that one needs to love them self before the can love another, right? I’ve always had a strange liking to cliché sayings, so I guess this just makes sense.

But, love is putting others before the needs of yourself. I think the only way a person can truly give unconditional love it to a child, but I can’t even handle that so I pretty much fucked in the world of love.


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