Day 2: Your first love

First, we have to laugh at me because I’m reheating pasta in a skillet and it just looks funny.

This entry is a part of my 30 day character challenge and does not actually reflect who I am or the thoughts that I have. Please see the introductory blog post for more information. 

Arg, my first love. It seems like it was just yesterday, but I know it was a long ass time ago. I was 9, she was 12 and hot. I liked that her boobs were coming in already because all the girls my age looked like boys with long hair. Chrissy, was her name. I followed her around town every day after school. First she would walk to the gas station where her dad worked. She would get some change from him and either go to the ice cream shop when it was hot, or settle for a piece of pie at the diner in the winter. On especially cold Fridays, she’d splurge and got a hot chocolate. I probably followed her around for a good year before her brother kicked the shit out me. I never did talk to her… I was a fuckin’ pussy at 9, that’s for sure.


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